Watchful Salt High On Food

Now more and more people care and health-conscious. You may be one of them. Avoid or reduce some groceries were carried out and one of them is salt.

Especially, for those who are known to have high blood disorder. But many do not know that salt, sugar and fat in high content hidden in many favorite foods and even that is often considered healthy by many people.

The survey has revealed that four out of five people do not realize that the meat and cheese packaging in the supermarket contains more salt than a packet of crisps ready salted consumption. And almost two-thirds did not know that limit the recommended daily intake of salt is only a teaspoon.

The surprising finding is exposing vast ignorance about healthy food. More than half (58 percent) did not know that fat-free strawberry yogurt has more sugar than a bowl of cornflakes or a cup of coffee with two sugars. This was revealed in a study conducted by Change4Life, a body and a healthy diet movement

“It’s important to realize what is hidden in your food. If you want a little more care, there would be a simple change,” said Ainsley Harriott, a chef and ambassador Change4Life campaign, reports the Daily Mail.

He also said that to avoid knowing the hidden content in the diet, you should always check the food label or routine to prepare and process their own food at home. The UK Food Standards Agency, recommends limits 6 grams of salt for an adult.

Research shows people who limit their intake of 3 grams of salt, equivalent to six slices of bread, they can reduce their risk of a quarter of cardiovascular disease. Meanwhile, the recommended daily limit for saturated fat is 30 grams for men and 20 grams for women. While the daily limit sugar intake is 90 grams.