Want to order Little Drink milk with Bottles

Although not recommended, feeding with a bottle usually be selected by a busy working mom. If your baby including baby refuses the pacifier and bottle feeding, are some strategies you can do to anticipate, as quoted from Suite101.

Use the bottle when the baby is hungry
Sometimes when your child is hungry he does not care where the milk he drank. Try to fill the milk bottle with milk and warm it up so that your child was not surprised.

Try giving a bottle of milk at night
If baby wakes in the night, make it a habit to give him a bottle of milk at the time. Usually the baby is sleepy unaware that the milk he drank not from his mother’s breast.

Rest gave a bottle of milk
If the child refused to breastfeed with a bottle for several days in a row, give the little guy a break for a few days to a week. Forced her to use a bottle instead will make the baby did not like it. However, if the baby is resting for a while, it will be much more relaxed and there is likely to receive a better bottle.

Try baby feeder cups and straws
If your child is still too difficult to drink milk with a pacifier or bottle. You should try to use baby feeder cup (glass with a special funnel
for babies) or a small straw for alternative ways to drink milk to your baby. It takes time and attention longer, but often successful.