Tips to Overcome Oily Skin Naturally

Overcoming oily skin is a thing that is not easy for most people. Having oily skin on the face causing uncomfortable feeling.
Moreover, if your face oily at the time was in a public place such as at work or at a party. The cause of oily skin is excess levels of oil on the face.
Natural treatments to tackle oily skin can be done by using lime, cucumber, celery, banana, milk and honey.
Natural materials can be used to cope with oily skin.

Lime. Coping with lemon oily skin can be done by rubbing the skin with lemon meat evenly. Wait for about 15 minutes, then rinse your face with water. Perform routine one day at a time until you see the results.
Bananas, milk, and honey. This yellow-skinned fruit is very effective for oily skin problems, namely the acne and enlarged pores. Mash the bananas, mix with milk and honey, and then used as a mask for about half an hour, then wash with warm water and rinse with cold water terakhirkan. Apply 2 times a week.
Celery leaves. Cut the celery into small pieces and put in the water that was boiling. Refrigerate, after quite warm, wash your face with water celery is. In order for a natural remedy works, let it dry on your face, then rinse with water. Do it once a day.
Cucumber. In addition to refresh the eyes, cucumbers are also very good for oily skin care. Blend cucumber and apply a mask for about half an hour. After that, flush with water. Apply 2 times a week
Salt Water. How, wash your face with warm water mixed with salt. That way, the oil will not appear again. Do it every day, so the effect is more pronounced.

Such tips to overcome the naturally oily skin. Hopefully useful.