This trick Facing Angry lover Medium Large

Relationship can not be separated from the fight. But how we respond to that contention does not end with the breakup, it is important to think about. When the furious lover, often what we do is behind the vent emotions or just leave.

Attitudes such as that which led to the destruction of a relationship. So, what can be done to deal with an angry lover? The following tips, as quoted from the Bold Sky.

1. Discussion
Ask him to provide an opportunity for both of you to discuss. If emotions have settled down a little and be ready to discuss, explain seated problems that actually happened. Discuss issues in the relationship will help calm an angry lover. But when her lover was not ready to talk face to face on the spot and choose to go, do not force him to stay in place and talking at once. Send a text message to her that you really need to talk to him. That way, he would have a time to think more clearly.

2. Tell
If the partner’s anger because of a misunderstanding and you are not doing anything wrong, please explain with words. But if he insists the blame or do not believe what you describe, show the evidence. Ideally, if you trust each other, should be adequately described in words. Even so, some men might anger will subside if got proof. How to prove it, depending on the character of the man you are dating.

3. Give Pause Time
When a loved one is very angry and wants to move away temporarily from you, give him a moment to think and calm down. But do not immediately agree when he asked for a ‘time out’. Prior to that, try to resolve problems with a serious talk first. If not finished and deteriorating condition, new give him time to be more calm. Decide how long you will ‘time out’ and try to time not too long, a maximum of two weeks.

4. Keep cool
Never mind in the face of the one who was angry. When two lovers argue using emotion, romance could be on the ropes. Many couples who eventually dropped out due to impatience and anger can not control. You should remain calm lover addressing emotional outburst. Calm him with his arm, shoulder or holding her hand. There is a possibility he will dismiss your hands. But do not give up and join angry. This is the best way to face a man who is angry.

5. Apologize
If indeed there is a mistake on you, accept it and apologize. No need to insist in order to maintain self-esteem. Apologize when wrong will not hurt your ego or self-esteem. Instead of an apology, the lover will appreciate you for being mature and admit mistakes. No need to beg him to forgive you, but apologize authoritative manner.