The results of the use of modern social networks

The Olympics is an ancient way of social context does not compress the space of the London Olympics. Mark Adams Mark Adams, a substance the International Olympic Committee told BBC that if I International Olympic Committee and social networks “connecting I remembered that it was generally willing to believe that the Olympic Games are the world’s oldest social network . primary net outgoing came true in the next Olympics, so that the world is doomed London Olympics feel in a new way.
Everyone has some kind of emotional contact with the Olympics, it is the feeling everyone can pass, they would like them to talk to friends and family, said Adams at the BBC, today we are the only translation in digital equipment.
It is not only in the traditional sense of the distribution of digital information against, later reported his big news sites and the official website of TV channel on the video in real time, such as the integration site Youtube video, which also opened in London Olympic official channel in the early years. More importantly, as the Facebook page said a month ago, it was the intervention of social media for sports fans to interact with athletes in a way that has never been done before.
The measurement of Facebook is that it is especially open the Olympic Games in London exclusive channel to build a social media sites between competitors and people around the world. In this channel, the exercise of faithful and players competing and non geographic boundaries. The members of the Organizing Committee of London Alex Balfour words, the perfect storm of media technology will allow sports fans have a wealth of experience of the Olympic Games.
The tide certainly not ideal pure beauty. Regarding the transfer of social media provides social transnational Olympic Committee website management regulations obvious. The first is that all athletes can not get out of the pictures or videos in the stadium, to avoid damaging the interest of sponsors. It is true, perhaps a variety of hard resistant planting within marketing business is to expand the game with the OCOG department, it is also possible that a player holds an impromptu speech without thinking, and other stakeholders to make the competition in embarrassing situation made. Perhaps for this reason, it is established that not always the same, the Olympic Games, wearing the mascot memories British Industrial Revolution old Locke actually more symbolic.