The anatomy of a bicycle

Cycle cycling or simply is a muscle-powered vehicle driven by pedals. It has two wheels which are attached to a metal, or in some cases hard plastic frame, one. Along the front and the other at the rear

History of bicycle

The bike has been in Europe for the first time in the 19th Century introduced. Currently, there are more than one billion worldwide. They are used as the primary means of transportation in some regions of the world, particularly in the Netherlands and China. They also developed as a form of popular entertainment and recreation. Other areas of human activity, they were adopted adult fitness, children’s toys, police and military applications, cycle sports and courier services. Thus, the time that the humble bicycle has assumed roles!

The basic configuration and shape of a bicycle town has changed slightly since the first model was driven by chains in 1885. However, some small details were better. With the increasing use of computer technology and improved physical Through the use of modern technology have produced special models for different types and uses of cycling.

Parts and construction of a typical bike

Wheels – this is the most important component of any vehicle. Initial wheel hub used in wood with a steel shaft, wooden beams and a tire iron which is mounted on the outer side. The wheels have today hold a metal hub, spokes wire to a metal rim to the rays and a pneumatic rubber tire according to the outside. Another important part of the wheel bearing, which allows free movement of the hub on the axle.

Frame – most bikes today, the diamond frame. It is composed of two triangles, the front and rear. The front triangle is the tube on top of the head tube, seat tube and down tube. Head pipe is the part of the helmet to allow sliding bearing drive, which connects the upper seat tube and down tube connects the head tube and bottom bracket. The rear chainstays triangle the seat tube, and stays paired.

Transmission – it comprises the pedal crank arms, in turn, rotating a gear wheel or wheels, which drives the chain and the rear wheel is set in rotation.

Presidents and directors – power steering is possible with the handle that turns the front wheel. Stool seat is on top of the frame. The seat can. For comfort or bike smoother and faster

Brakes – the brakes are used in modern bicycles rim brake is used to compress the plates of the two sides of the wheel and stopping, a brake inner hub, bearings within the hub or brake disc . Bicycle brake is installed manually by pressing the lever on the handlebar on both sides.

Suspension – is the system is integrated into the experience smoother cycling.

Accessories – parts such as wings for spraying puddles, chain guard to prevent clothes from oils to save the shot to keep the bike upright while parked have become permanent features of bicycle. Other accessories like front baskets, rear rack space for lighting, pumps, helmets, tools, etc. are also available as ordered.

The use and development of bicycles have affected mankind in a big way it seems. It is affected history in both industrial and cultural activities. In the early years of its construction, and the bikes were dependent on technology that exists, more recently, its technology in turn gave ideas in different fields.