Trains are wheeled stroller is called “third hand” a young couple who have a baby or toddler. Thanks to your stroller without having to move freely tired carrying your baby thither. Put your baby in the stroller and he was safe and comfortable in it.

Various stroller that exist today can be classified into 3 types:

Universal stroller

Baby stroller types are common, but some of them have seats that can also function as a car seat. So when it will move to the car or vice versa, you do not need to lift your child out of his seat.

Twin stroller

According to its function, this stroller is for you who have twins. Anyone have a seat next to each other for each other twins or holder lined back for triplets or more.

Stroller for jogging

Type of stroller that is special designed for moms who like to jog and want to do the activity with your child. This type of stroller has a bigger wheel size or the size of a bicycle wheel. The shape is also designed to be slimmer (stremline) so you feel light when pushed.

Select the appropriate
Appropriate lifestyle
Complete security features
Check wheel
Customize your child’s age
Adjust funding
Adjust the room
Accessory options
Secure and Spontaneous stroller
Avoid hanging bag or shopping bag on the handle of the stroller. Might cause loads of goods would make the stroller tip over backwards.

Avoid placing heavy objects over capacity stroller. This will speed up the stroller chassis damage.

Avoid put your baby in the stroller tied. Especially when you’re doing other activities such as being select items when shopping or paying at the checkout.

Do not drag when pushing a stroller! So also when you air jogging with jogger stroller.

Do not ever think, little more style by standing on the stroller!

Where possible, folding stroller, and carrying your baby while use lift. Give space and place for others, because the stroller is enough to occupy space and place.

Do not ignore the comfort of others around you when you carry your baby in the stroller. For example, when using the escalators, point stroller right in front of you so it does not disturb people around you before climbed the escalator.

Every time you stop, do not forget to lock the wheels to prevent the stroller stroller glide itself. The lock brakes on each wheel stroller there, usually shaped like a pedal. You live or pull lowered with the help of leg.