Sports Type For Pregnant Women

Objective exercise during pregnancy is to maintain a good fitness level. If you are healthy and your pregnancy is fine, then the exercise is a safe activity. If you are exercising regularly, adjust the exercise to body condition at this time. If you rarely exercise before pregnancy, there are several types of safe and effective exercise recommended by the American College of Obstetricians and gynecologist (ACOG).

Swimming or other water sports are very safe and suitable for pregnant women. You can achieve aerobic fitness without the fear of falling. If you are tired, you can float and relax. To get a good workout results, keep most of your body is in the water while exercising.

Walking is the safest exercise during pregnancy because of the tender exercise for the body and light to the joints. Use good walking shoes to maximize stability and comfort. Drink plenty of water and do not exercise at too hot or humid.

a stationary bike is safe during pregnancy. You do not need to fear that fall. Make sure the seat height and comfortable enough. But avoid knee and hip joints are too stretched when pedaling. Consult pulse so that no more than 140 beats per minute limit.

If aerobics is your routine before pregnancy, you can continue during pregnancy with a little adjustment. Keep an eye on the pulse and keep within the recommended limits. If previously you never do aerobics, try to follow an aerobics class for pregnant women.