Smoking Can Cause Children’s Fragrances Diarrhea

For you are a mother, you should avoid and the habit of using aerosol air freshener. Research in the UK found that aerosols can make babies suffering from diarrhea and depression in mothers.

Frequency of use of aerosols during pregnancy and childhood could be led to diarrhea and earache in infants and headaches and depression in mothers. Researchers from the University of Bristol said that should be blamed is the volatile organic components (VOCs) generated by the product.

As quoted by BBC News, Archives of Environmental Health states should minimize the use of aerosols in the house. Volatile organic component is an irritant and a source of aerosols in the home such as flooring adhesives, paint, furnishings and cleaning products.

At home that uses such as aerosol air freshener and spray every day found 32% more babies suffered from diarrhea, 10% more mothers suffer from headaches and 26% more depressed.

Lead researcher Dr. Alexandra Farrow, who is currently working at Brunel University, said, “People think of using this product to clean the house and make it more healthy, but make clean does not mean forgetting health”.

“Fragrances room combined with other aerosol and other household products contribute to high to be a complex mixture of chemicals and VOCs in the home increases,” he said.

Further research is needed to prove it, you should limit the use of air freshener and aerosol in the house. Lemon juice is more effective as an air freshener, “he added.