Reason Too Often Should Not Give Children Gift

As quoted from Sheknows, give a gift to your child, especially on special days such as Christmas, birthdays, and other very exciting indeed. Seeing he was happy with the gift you give is a valuable.

But too often give gifts also not the right thing. Here are five reasons why you should not be too often for little reward.

1. Economy
Economic problems are the most fundamental of all the reasons why you should not buy too many baby gifts. Do not get just because you want to see your child happy, you give a gift that you can not pay. Happiness does not have to mean a lot of gifts.

2. The meaning behind the special day
Special days such as Christmas and birthdays is not necessarily about gifts, toys or consumerism. Remember the meaning behind Christmas is religion, kindness and compassion. So is the meaning behind the birthday of the achievement, maturity, goals and other things. Therefore, it is better to teach your child return the meaning behind these special days and decrease the reward is too much for him.

3. Children become spoiled
None of the parents want their children to have the spoiled nature. Unfortunately, giving too many gifts can make your child become spoiled and want to do something with strings attached.

4. Parental affection does not mean prizes
Giving a gift to your child certainly will make him happy, and happiness is exactly what you always wanted to clay every day. However, parental love does not mean many gifts given to the child. Show your love by giving gifts such as praise, a hug, a kiss or give a special day for your child to be playing with you are usually busy.

5. Teach your child to give
As the saying goes, ‘giving is better than receiving. ” It would be nice if you teach your child to always give instead of always receiving gifts. Moments like this Christmas could be a good reason to teach your child give some toys to other children in need.