Premature Babies Need milk? Surely it!

Premature infants who were breastfed at birth have turned out to show the results of tests of mental development better in the next life, when compared with infants fed formula milk.

The researchers for the first time demonstrated breast milk for newborns weighing less than 2 pounds. With the advancement of medicine and medical techniques, premature infants are generally getting protection from the hospital. In premature infants, normal brain development that should occur in the womb in the third trimester of pregnancy, it turns out they had experienced in the hospital room.

Contents of the milk, in the form of fatty acids, it can assist the growth and brain development in premature infants. While breastfeeding is very minimal would be easy to make the baby sick and thinking skills lower than other infants who were breastfed.

In studies that have been published in the journal Pediatrics showed that children who were breastfed more than 3 months were more likely to have bedwetting during sleep is too long. The researchers examined as many as 1,035 babies with low birth weight from 15 hospitals. As many as three-quarters of the infants receiving breast milk at the hospital since, and another quarter of babies given formula.

Furthermore infants at 18 months were assessed and the results showed that breast-fed babies have a higher value score for mental development when compared with formula-fed infants. So for those of you who have had premature babies or with other risk factors is recommended for breastfed according to doctor’s advice.