Pregnancy disorders that should alert

Pregnancy can bring happiness as well as discomfort. Happy because of the new life growing inside your womb. Uncomfortable because many commonly accompany pregnancy complaints such as nausea, vomiting, and so on. These complaints can be made ??during pregnancy should be a time of happiness turns into unpleasant. You may also be wary, lest the complaints of the mark a disturbance in pregnancy.

Actually, most likely the majority of complaints that you are experiencing is normal and occurs due to hormonal changes or stress / strain experienced heavy body due to pregnancy. However, it is also possible that you are experiencing severe disruption and harm to the fetus as well as yourself, for example:

1. Severe headache that does not go away

2. The views / blurred vision

3. Severe abdominal pain and prolonged

4. Bleeding from the pussy hole

5. Rupture of the membranes (amniotic fluid discharge from the vagina)

6. Pain during urination

You should immediately see a doctor for a check-up in the event of:

1. Swelling in hands, feet and face

2. Vomiting occurs very frequently and severely

3. Fever with a temperature greater than 38.3 degrees Celsius

4. No fetal movement or less than 10 kicks in 12 hours (at the gestational age of more than 28 weeks / 7 months)