Specialist child is not an unfamiliar term to be heard. Some children have to deal with this one doctor. A pediatrician is a doctor who specializes in the skills to cope with a variety of diseases that affect the baby.

But it turns out there are more pediatricians specializing longer a perinatology expert. Perinatology what the heck is that?

The term comes from the word perinatal perinatology. Perinatal period before a baby is born until one month after birth. This period is a crucial time in the life of someone remembering a lot of things have changed in this period. So, is the study perinatology things related to perinatal.

Before birth, the baby is in a comfortable and secure environment. He is in the mother’s womb is warm and safe. Once born, everything instantly changed. He was faced with a constantly changing environment, and he must learn to adapt to it. Colder temperatures, more dazzling light and lots of other things he has to face. Not to mention the invasion of germs that attack.

Not wrong if this time is referred to as the most dangerous period in one’s life. Just imagine, someone so small and petite must move suddenly from a safe and comfortable environment to a totally different environment. Similarly it is not surprising if there are pediatricians who are called to study perinatology problem is deeper.

What has changed?
Many things changed. 9 months old baby got food from the mother through the placenta, not through the mouth. It gets oxygen from the placenta, not through his nose. And in fact, the remnants of metabolism did he remove it through the placenta. 9 months old baby has been adapted to the environment in the womb and suddenly everything had changed.

To adapt, every organ system in the body of the baby must be prepared to anticipate the changes that occur. During pregnancy, organ systems has indeed been built to cope with these changes. The system should be in place before a baby is born. If not, problems will arise. That’s why the life expectancy of preterm babies are smaller than those born at term. Organ system is not yet mature enough sometimes when the baby was born prematurely.