Optimal Growth for Small Si Age 7 Months

Today he still likes to turn around from your back to your stomach, to train the twist between the hips and shoulders.

He also loves to lay down and play both legs, even occasionally enter toes into his mouth. While doing this, he actually was training her hips and fingers to be able to hold properly.

Occasionally hold both armpits and help your child do the bobbing motion that makes it fun as well as train movement and bend legs tighten.

Ability to hold it in this month progresses, so he rarely dropped items he was holding. He likes to fondle and flipping the toy he liked and immediately take it back if it falls.

You will get excited to hear ‘chatter’ that pitch up and down with unclear language.

Train it to:

Holding a toy, drop and look at the reaction to take it back.
Entertained with a social game, ‘peekaboo’ with a handkerchief or a blanket. Teach him to pull a handkerchief or blanket from your face and let him laugh at you startled by the word ‘ba …’
When the child has started to make the house a mess, forgive it because it is being developed desire.
Give a rattle because at the age of 7 months, this type of toy more attention than it looks interesting.
This time you should start feeding him to grip and put into his mouth, like a piece of cooked carrots or a biscuit is nutritious and easy to digest baby. But do not have to force him to spend his food.
You can also begin to train him to eat together at the dinner table with a special table. Besides being able to stimulate his appetite, he will also feel the warmth of family at this event.