Not Just Playing hide and seek fun

Baby was a few months was able to predict whether a ball that fell in the back seat will not be gone forever, just out of view. According to a study conducted by a team from New York University.

We may look down upon the game of hide and seek is done by children. Some parents even feel tired or upset when the child starts the game favors.

The researchers decided to find out when and how the child knows that the ball is rolling and disappeared behind something just like a game of hide and seek and the ball will appear from the other side.

It’s amazing to know that the baby was able to learn? Only? with just a look. The results of this study have been reported in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Science.

Each four-month-old baby sitting on the lap of her parents and look to the computer monitor screen. On the screen showing a picture of a ball moving. Then monitored the baby’s eyes with a special camera.

At first, the researchers looked at those aged four months. When viewing a ball disappear when passing through the center of the screen, their ability to predict where the ball will come back was very minimal.

Then they were shown a ball to move backwards and forwards without omitted. After two minutes saw the ball again eliminated in the center of the screen. This time, most babies have learned to expect that the ball will soon reappear.

When the same thing is done on infants six months, it turns out they’ve had since the beginning of the idea that the ball will re-appear. This makes the assumption that they have learned from the real-world objects hidden behind some object.

Therefore, do not ever underestimate this seemingly simple game. In addition to fun to be enjoyed, this game also brings substantial benefits to children’s development.