Mountain Biking Resource

Mountain biking is a form of exciting entertainment that can be enjoyed by anyone, regardless of age or ability. There are more then just kept biking on a bike ride in the woods, however.
VTT is divided into five categories:

Cross Country
Free trip
Dirt Jump
Trails / street riding

Mountain biking is a great way to stay or be cautious in shape, but you must biking a lot of fun, but just a case for a long time on the sidelines. Inherent in mountain biking is a risk of injury, but you can increase your chances by ensuring that the limitation of the right equipment and it is maintained in good condition and wounded.

Mountain Equipment

On Bike

Seat – Although you will rarely sit in if you want to be comfortable

Shock absorbers / Suspension – If your bike came with shock and suspension system, you want to check these regularly to ensure it is working properly.

Frame – Check that the frame before every ride for cracks and bumps that lead to failure on the part traces could. It is easier to establish a framework and a timetable and your teeth because you’re lazy on maintenance.

Tires / wheels – Make sure your tires have plenty of tread before each ride, and get rid of foreign particles embedded as thorns or other sharp objects in the tire. Also make sure that your wheels are true and that you do not loose spokes.

Tire repair – you should always have a tire repair kit for yourself and the unfortunate soul who forgot a package.

Key cycling – as key to standard output must be in a bag in the case of a department or pops you need to pull the handlebars.
Whatever the need, you want to be prepared that way they can be.

Personal equipment:

You should at least have gloves, sunglasses, a good helmet, padded bike short to eat and a sort of pocket water for hydration system with something, if you get lost on the trail. If you are in extreme mountain biking, you can also arm and shoulder protection, leg protection, chest and rib protection you are looking for a measure of security. Also carry a cell phone in case you need to make an emergency call.

Follow all the rules signs, labels and safety, and above all, have fun though. Whatever your fitness level, age and ability, mountain biking for the heart, muscle development and time all around great!