Kim Kardashian Not Comfortable Natural Morning Sickness

Pregnancy is not an easy route by many women. The reason is, they have to deal with new habits that are often unpleasant, one disturbance morning sickness. Kim Kardashian was feeling.

Kim Kardashian finally spoke difficult diving experience maternal role. Da so amazed with her ??sister, Kourtney Kardashian with Mason, Kourtney baby aged three and six-month-old Penelope. In his view, the struggle to reach that point is not easy.

“I would not say it was easy, but undergo morning sickness every day made ??me understand the severity of being a mother. Pregnancy when a lot of people say it’s fun and they love it, I would say do not agree,” said Kim, as quoted by The Sun.

“I think at this stage it is still easier and more fun, but it’s just an adjustment. Fact, my sister (Kourtney) have made ??it look easy and it’s not as easy as people think.’s A bit painful,” he continued.
Pregnancy is considered to be the first who lived often cause pain. However, Kim’s sister and the mother advised that it is normal.

In addition to adapting to the experience of pregnancy, Kim’s pregnant 12 weeks revealed that he wanted to know the sex of her child before birth.
“Of course I want to know, although I have not been able to find him now. But I want to know. Currently no preference, I just want a healthy baby,” he concluded.