Jogging has many advantages

The “Foot and Ankle Research” magazine has published a new study has found that when people wear shoes, their efforts will be much larger than barefoot. When Power Word touches the ground, the force exerted on the heels will greater. professor Harvard Human Evolutionary Biology named Daniel Boman E Li conducted a study. has been determined using the comparison between students in primary and secondary schools who wear shoes used in cities and rural students who go to school barefoot as students of the city, the landing point of the walk is to focus on their heels, If the foot touched the ground. But students affected foot landing would focus mainly on the front feet. they did not want to produce visible effects, but also have an impact on the bottom easier.

These studies have shown that running barefoot is better for the human body. The reason is that the smaller force of impact, the less damage. Scientists believed that people are born able to operate barefoot. Some risks, such as stress fractures and muscle injuries or tendon naturally increase with shares something inappropriate, so that the method is very important. Many people would like to make about the pain that is running knee worry, then induce arthritis. A research project was. The American “National Public Radio” in the last days, it was found that the execution will be beneficial to healthy joints have been released instead Swedish researchers have selected a group of people to run all risks arthritis day, and one group of people is not running.

It was revealed by the NMR imaging technology that cartilage health is much improved permanent human. It has been suggested that joint health to help you perform. It was. By David Phil Johnson, Boston University School of Medicine expert epidemiologists some cartilage loss occur each year when people get to a certain age, for example, 40-year-old was said If your knees are fine, you can five or six times a week to run at an appropriate speed, then your cartilage and joints will be healthy. However, we must pay attention to one thing, it is as rheumatoid be at risk if you have been injured or undergoing knee surgery, as well as ongoing conversations that were not properly made.

Second, they had better not be running intensive if they outweigh nine kilograms. Or it requires ignite knees accelerate bone spurs form and loss of cartilage. It is just to go with the attitude of the head and back straight and relaxed. If the feet are below ground, the knees should be slightly bent. It was therefore 90 degrees to the curvature of the arms and the arms were spread far. Moreover, we must choose the programs running that are correct. For example, run five miles with ten to twelve weeks early, ten kilometers run 6-11 weeks with progress and run ten miles with the last 11 weeks.