Important messages for pregnant women

Pregnant women should eat and drink more than when not pregnant. To prevent anemia during pregnancy the mother should eat a lot of food sources of iron, such as dark green vegetables, tempeh, tofu, green beans, red beans and other legumes, eggs, fish, and meat.

Pregnant women drink two glasses of milk a day regularly. To prevent tooth loss and brittle bones, pregnant women should eat plenty of calcium-food sources, such as nuts, eggs, anchovy / small fish eaten with bones, green leafy vegetables.

Recognize the symptoms of anemia (anemia) during pregnancy, namely: pale, dizzy, weak and dizzy vision. During pregnancy, eat a wide variety of food in sufficient quantities. When the mother’s appetite is less, eat fresh-fresh foods, such as fruits, fruit juice, vegetable nodes, etc.

Avoid restrictions on food, because it would harm the health of the mother. Avoid smoking and drinking because it would endanger the safety of the mother and fetus. Do not forget to consult your midwife or health center on a regular basis, so that the mother and the unborn remain healthy.