If Little Rashes

Itching causes impaired activities of your child. Recognize, object or substance what is causing the problem.

Itchy and scaly rashes, even inflamed, can occur when skin contact with objects or particular substances. Inflammation of the skin is called contact dermatitis. The rash is usually only on the skin in certain areas. But, it could spread if the cause products such as soap. Symptoms of contact dermatitis, may appear a few days after contact. A very itchy skin, rash scaly and inflamed, sometimes to blister and watery.

Some objects or substances may cause irritation to the skin. Among other plastics, rubber, synthetic substances, perfume or cosmetic substances, nickel in jewelry, some dust particles, pet of fleas, mites, pollen and others. Inflammation of the skin caused by the substance, can be in two ways, irritation and allergic reactions.

Allergic reactions have occurred in patients exposed to certain substances or elements. Genetically people happen very sensitive to these substances. Substances or elements that spur a reaction is called an allergen. On allergic contact dermatitis, the time needed by the body to recognize allergens varies. There are times that require some exposure, there is also a need to be more accepting of body exposure to allergy. If the body is already familiar with certain allergens, when the exposure it will cause an allergic reaction. A person who for years without any problems using cosmetics, may suddenly develop an allergic reaction.

Soaps and detergents can irritate the skin and cause dryness, after a few times it is used. Or nickel metal contained in jewelry, can also cause irritation. Strong irritants such as acids or other organic solvents can cause skin changes.

To avoid contact dermatitis, minimize or remove items from your child that can cause irritation. toys or objects that often he holds, which may contain substances or elements that cause contact dermatitis. Affected area, clean it regularly with water and mild soap. If blistering occurs, do not break. Allergic reactions can be retained when the immune system a nice little guy. Therefore, notice their food intake.

To help relieve and alleviate the symptoms, calamine lotion can be used. If symptoms still persist, you should consult doctor . Don’t let it interfere with activities of daily contact dermatitis baby, let alone to interfere with his performance in learning.