Healthy Life for Pregnant Women

With increasing gestational age and the abdominal swelling, discomfort will arise, both in terms of physical and appearance. In this condition, pregnant women are encouraged to stay and take care of personal hygiene. Although it often appears laziness, pregnant women are encouraged to be overcome. Here are things – things that must be considered by pregnant women in an effort to care for and maintain personal health.

Maintaining personal hygiene

During pregnancy, the hair will grow faster, thicker and shiny so it will look greasy. To overcome this, wash your hair at least 2 to 3 times a week.

Nurture your teeth regularly to avoid infection in the oral cavity. Infections that occur in the oral cavity will easily spread to other organs. In addition, check the teeth to the doctor regularly and inform you that you are pregnant.

Keep your skin well. In the shower, rub your skin gently to avoid . Skin blister very easily infected by germs.

Maintain cleanliness of the breast. Take appropriate sequencing advice the doctor / midwife to prepare for breastfeeding. Breast prop with a larger bra and ample support.

Keep your genital health to avoid a womb infection. If the content you are infected, it will jeopardize the growth and development of the fetus.