Having Raise lover in Office Morale

The he often surreptitiously view from his desk and sending short messages that make you smile. You become curious and guessing lest he pay attention.

The love story it can happen anywhere, let alone in the office, a gathering place for people who might be looking for their soul mate.

Almost 8 hours on average a work in office sometimes even more. Based Center for Policy worklife quoted Yourtango, a worker generally spend time working in the office over working hours should be. According to the survey, single workers who did most of that.

Janet Lever, PhD, professor of sociology from the University of California, Los Angeles who has studied the issue of sex for 25 years, said the office is
The most popular place to find a partner for life, after college.

This is justified also by the anthropologist, Helen Fisher who led the research smelled of sex. “Indeed, there is a relationship between modern life now in office or a romantic love story,” he said.

Working the source of a person’s spirit when there is great concern in
place to work. The spirit will continue pumping and smile will always

How could I not? You see him every day, a team with him, working on tasks together, eat lunch together and joke together. Almost a day you spend time with him. Working relationship love story finally broke the boundaries of work.

Work longer hours in the office also means less time spent at home. Generally they are looking for a partner in the office, looking for someone to accompany him as well go home together.

Based Romance Survey in 2007, 23% of workers have spouses who also work in the same place in order to spend more time with their partner.

Having a spouse work together is fine, because he’s able to add your morale. With it, you can share information, solve problems and possibly made coffee.

But remember, your relationship is not too vulgar and unnecessary intimate and warm as partner in the office in general. Remember, you’re at the office and could be the center of attention even gossip by other office colleagues if you can not limit yourself.