Hate to Friend Lover? The fix is

You certainly will be more peaceful if paramour have friends that you know and like. But among some friends he’s you know, there are just some people who do not like. Whether it’s because of his annoying or childish.

So how to deal with the friends you love him less? Compiled from She Knows, is how to cope.

1. Trying to Find Similarities
During this time you do not like my friends the girlfriend, maybe you only see from the outside without wanting to know more. Try to get them to talk and find common ground between you and him. Let alone talk about photography or book that you both like. By finding similarities, maybe you can get closer to them and did not like the feeling of being reduced.

2. Joke
Every person has a sense of humor is different. Even if you do not like the sense of humor childish lover friends, try to be more relaxed and laughing. By doing so, they also appreciate you. Do not just want to be appreciated, if you can not respect others. It would be better, if you get closer and make them laugh. Your relationship will become better friends with him.

3. Assertive But Still Friendly
It does not matter you do not like the lover friends, but do not show it in front of their aversion attitude. You can smile and try to chat a bit with them. No need spend long hours with them if they do not like, but at least you have tried friendly.

4. Talk to your lover
When you feel increasingly uncomfortable with his friends, tell the exist problems, but do not ever to discredit him. Tell me what you feel. Your lover will provide advice to you and explain why his friends like that. Although impressed defend his friends, you have to manage your emotions. Do not crack because of the relationship you do not like my friends lover. By talking to a lover, at least you have been honest with him and let him know that you are not comfortable with his friends.