Free Time Best Test For Cervical Cancer

Here’s a guide to the best test of time for women according to the American Cancer Society 2006:

All women under the age of 30 years

Should begin to be examined after first vaginal intercourse, but no later than age 21 years. Undergo regular Pap smear every year, or two years if a new version using the Pap smear are water based.

Women aged 30 years and over

examination schedule can be every two or three years, with a note if you get a normal result for the last three Pap tests. Or, do every three years using the Pap smear and HPV DNA testing.

Women over the age of 70 years

If in the last ten years, three or more Pap tests performed consecutively showed normal results, you can stop cervical cancer screening.

Women who are at risk

Should be screened annually.

Women with total hysterectomy (removal of uterus and cervix)

You can stop doing the checks unless surgery is done to treat cervical cancer or pre-cancer. Women who are not appointed cervix should continue to undergo screening.