Fitness machine

A U.S. federal data consumer product of the Commission show that each year about 50,000 people jumping through the use of treadmills, exercise ball, rope, weights and other fitness equipment, injured, how much damage caused by the treadmill in most, thousands of people will therefore went to the emergency room. Serving the High accident is the most common injury of a treadmill.

In fact, the treadmill must also serve some skill. Beijing Phyllis fitness club coach Li Liang noted the treadmill is prone to injury, particularly due to the use of inappropriate methods misunderstandings:

No heating. To do this on the treadmill warm-up activities, it will easily lead to the thigh and calf muscles. Stretching, squats, stretch muscles, flexion and extension of joints, increase muscle temperature, so that the muscles become more flexible. Walking on the treadmill, jogging and other “dynamic” warm-up began, and gradually increase the amount of exercise, this process normally 10-15 minutes. In addition, the walking belt to slow gradually, to avoid dizziness.

Speed too fast. Use the treadmill must understand the limits of their own movement. If you physically can not follow the speed setting quickly, it is not easy to keep pace, it is easy to fall, it is the “newbies” are often confronted with problems.

The excessive exercise, treadmill time, the intensity after the campaign. Fat jogging to consume more than half an hour to consume more protein than 1 hour. Therefore, if you want to lose weight for the purpose of the movement is too short, it should not be too long, 40 minutes reasonable, if a bit exhausted, which sports injuries.
Another must remember that running aerobics is to involve the body to run when the back of the thorax, or by holding the handle, not only on the effect of movement, but also increase the pressure lower back, a long period the lumbar spine can lead to muscle fatigue.

Needs during exercise on the treadmill make the waist belly and chest, the back muscles.

Beijing University Sports Physiology Dr. Wang Jun in “Life Times” interview also stressed, because a treadmill is under relatively hard, very large impact on the knee, just to cause damage to the joint knee. So not join a good person. The best use of a treadmill

Many people like to watch TV during the race, it will distract you, just be inadvertently injured, especially those who are not familiar with the treadmill and workout intensity is greater. If you get bored, riders can listen to relaxing music. Research shows rhythmic music effectively enhance the effect of movement, exercise more fun.