Efficacy of Clove

Cloves are dried flower buds of the clove tree generated, clove trees grow in tropical areas, Indonesia is known as one of the producers of cloves. Many crops produced in the Moluccas. Clove today mostly utilized for flavoring food while utilization for health has been known for centuries. In China cloves are used to eliminate bad breath over 2000 years ago, at that time the Emperor to suggest if people want to see him have to chew cloves in advance so that when the talk will smell fragrant. Even cloves in China and Persia are also thought to stimulate sexual pitalitas. Cloves are very strong efficacious drug because it can stimulate. Anti-bacterial, anti-viral and anti-septic. Once processed into Clove oil can be used for pain relief for toothache sufferers because the content of the compounds contained therein can help blood circulation and stimulates the skin when applied directly to the skin.
Herewith informed several benefits Clove for treatment, including:
• Stimulate aromatic breathing: Used to treat nausea, vomiting, abdominal bloating, fatigue and indigestion. Clove oil can also be used as a powerful antiseptic and wound healer and can relieve throat. Cloves are used as a real drug used to protect them from colds and flatulence.
Helps stimulate blood circulation and regulate body temperature.
• Indigestion: Clove can stimulate the production of enzymatic and improve digestive functioning. Cloves are used in addressing permasalahn stomach, abdominal pain and digestive problems. As for how pembuatanya drug used to treat vomiting, abdominal pain and throat is to soften cloves and mixed with honey then dimimum.
• Cholera: Cloves are very powerful to cope with cholera because it can strengthen the stomach and intestinal mucus and increase the number of white blood cells, as for how to take 4 grams of clove bud and 3 cups of water and boiled until it becomes half. • Asthma: For treatment of asthma medication how to take 6 petals cloves 30 ml of water and mixed with a little honey, do it 3 times a day.
• Toothache: To cope with toothache how to use 10 grains of cloves roast until charred. Milled until smooth, put teeth kelubang to taste, then cover with cotton. Apply 2 times a day. Another way: plug untreated cavities with cotton that has been soaked clove oil.
• Ear pain: how to cope with a dab of clove oil to the ear ache using katembat.
• Headaches: To address how the mixing headache cloves, salt and milk, because of the nature of the salt to absorb fluids and lowers blood pressure.
• Blood Circulation: Clove oil beneficial to increase your metabolism, increasing blood circulation will lower your body temperature.