Efficacy cherry fruit, Natural Remedy For Gout

Roadside shade trees that are found to have small little red fruit and sweetened, that tree is growing very easy kersen.Pohon and easily dispersed because of the help of the fruit-eating birds, especially in areas kering.Tidak many people know the benefits of cherry fruit.

In terms of nutritional content is not less cherry fruit with other fruit such as mango. The content of vitamin C 30 mg mango, cherry fruit while 80.5 mg, in addition to the calcium content of 124.6 mg cherry fruit, much more than mangoes are only 15 mg.

“In Indonesia cherry fruit is traditionally used to treat gout by eating a cherry sebayak 9 points 3 times a day and is proven to reduce pain caused from gout, cherry leaf decoction also has anti-inflammatory and reduce the heat and even content cherry leaf decoction can be efficacious as the killer turns out harmful microbes and can be used as an anti-septic.

How to Make

explain how to make cherry syrup. Ingredients include ripe cherry fruit, water, sugar, cinnamon, salt, vanilla, food coloring and tools used are buckets, pots, mortar (mortar), filters and bottles for packaging.

Selected cherry fruit is ripe (red) and then washed thoroughly. Cherry pulp is separated from the skin by means of mashed and boiled with a ratio of 1 part water to 3 parts cherry. (1:3).

Cherry and mixed with sugar in the ratio 1:2 with vanilla, salt, and cinnamon to taste until boiling and should continue stirring. After boiling cherry syrup is filtered to remove the pulp and dye to make it more interesting and packed in bottles.

Products processed from cherry does not use any chemicals all natural. Therefore, the product is healthier than processed products on the market in general

Noted, most products in the syrup as existing, generally only provide flavor and freshness while drinking alone, and do not have the advantage or benefit to health in particular.

Hence processed cherry products that will be beneficial to society, particularly to health as it relates to property that is owned by the cherry to treat gout.