Duxter, Social Media Special Hardcore Gamer

There are so many social networks that have sprung up in recent years. Call it the Facebook which is where people around the world socialize, or LinkedIn which is a gathering place for professional workers.

And now comes Duxter (startup), the work of Adam Lieb. Washington University graduate student wanted to make this new company as a gathering place for addicts and games enthusiasts around the world.

It also has a lot of similar social networking site focused on games, but Lieb said that social networking is only focusing on specific aspects of the experience of enjoying games. For example, as the place to share your Raptr game statistics and achievements in playing games.

Unlike the case with Duxter, because in addition to incorporating elements of playing the recording of achievement, it will also support a number of features to interact socially. Yes, the main purpose Lieb did want to make it a platform for all those who love the world of games and also of course love to interact socially on Facebook, Twitter, and more.

Reporting from duxter.com, those who become users Duxter will be directly connected with service providers such as Playstation games, Xbox Live, World of Warcraft, and YouTube. The user will always get the latest updates from other users, the latest game news and general gaming world anyhow. Not only that, they can also exchange messages, participate in forums, enjoy video watched other gamers, play games and earn reward points.

One is no less important that belongs only Duxter is that more leads Duxter lifestyle, not merely play games alone. This means Duxter also accommodate a variety of discussion not only about the game but also a variety of things outside of games but still relevant to the interest of gamers, such as a variety of the latest movie trailer of The Hobbit or Lucasfilm acquisition by Disney.