Doping in professional cycling

If a driver speaks against doping and has provided information on what other drivers are taken, they are excluded and possibly forced to leave the field. It is for many drivers who were talking against doping. If you cheat and take drugs, you will always be welcome.

Its ironic that many have with the bike to try a system that endangers the physical or mental health of the drivers only. Thus, they can continue to waste money on dope

What is the point of losing money on dope when the positions of drivers will be the same as if there were no drugs? If you allow doping earn the same driver as if you did not dope. So what do they win?

Drug testing is ineffective UCI will not catch the crooks. It is too predictable, but they say they do not have enough money to have a drug test more. See the story of the former U.S. Postal team doctor

Cycling is a multi-million pound sports is money, but not the will.

Physical hazards of doping is always difficult to quantify, but there are many premature deaths due to doping. Big names such as Simpson, Pantani, Jimenez, but also countless lesser-known amateurs. Johan Sermon, Denis Zanette

Cycling not only affect the physical health of the driver, there were many premature deaths, Tom Simpson, Marco Pantani, Jose Maria Jimenez. But most drug users end up with long-term psychological problems. Pantani and Jimenez both suffered from depression before his untimely end.

British Cycling for all its faults, at least relatively free of drugs. I guess nobody is so crazy, € 100 during the EPA to £ 20 for a 25 to take the win in F1. But in Britain, the culture is different. It has never been the wide acceptance of doping you might find on the continent.

Written in a London newspaper said Phil Liggett, the veteran bike transmitter that no less than 100 international riders died prematurely during the last ten years, the majority of heart attacks. Probable cause, Liggett has also emphasized the continuing abuse of EPO,

Cycling in the fight against doping, it is necessary to change the attitude of drivers, teams and organizers. Need more samples inside and outside of the competition, but also more support for drivers who are ready to be against doping in the peloton.

The events before the hard struggle of the cycling community to overcome the problem. Recent cases include Tyler Hamilton (Olympic champion) Roberto Heras (Tour of Spain winner), David Miller (world champion)

Also revelations of professional cyclists as Filippo Simeoni and others show how drivers can easily escape detection by screening tests.