Diligent Walking Reduce Risk of Diabetes

Walking really provide a variety of benefits. Ranging from fitness, increase stamina, prevent osteoporosis. Walking also was also able to prevent diabetes.

As reported diabetesvic.org.au, a study in Australia indicated that participants who walked between 85 minutes-3 hours per week, can reduce your risk of diabetes by 31%. The intensity of running a routine (5 days per week) for at least 3 hours per week can reduce the risk of diabetes in adolescents 31-42%.

Other studies have also shown that women are active in physical activities such as walking can reduce the risk of developing diabetes compared with women who did not do physical activity at all.

Walking is also associated with weight loss can reduce the risk of diabetes. Teenagers who are overweight or inactive categorized physical activity have a 3 times greater risk of diabetes than adolescents who had normal weight.

By walking for 30 minutes can improve glucose control, which can help muscles absorb blood sugar and prevents the blockage of blood flow. This effect can last for hours or a few days, but not permanently so that regular walking is needed to control blood sugar.