Danger Road Hawker

Street hawker snacks seems to have become a trend since the first child. Although it has been given a lunch from home, the Little sometimes get carried away and buy a street hawker from friends. For one thing it’s good to give parents extra attention these unhealthy snack culture.
There is no provision especially will be the main reason for children to go hungry at school. Parental lifestyle habits will affect the Small. Example: Parents who do not prepare himself for the rush rush rush in the morning. Parents need to be more wise and prudent in managing the child’s diet snacks outside the home so that can be ruled out. If you want to snack, choose snacks that at least worth the price, there is no guarantee hygiene, and even better to prepare at home.

Dangers street hawker contents include:

Raw water, a handful of fresh drinks like dawet, cendol, syrups, etc. do not all use boiled water for his wares. This is because of high fuel prices are not close to the sales price. And this is very dangerous, minimal diarrhea can attack the Small.

Sweeteners and artificial coloring, jelly and sweets or small cakes areĀ  in the school environment are not suitable for health. Sugar and artificial dyes have a fairly remote with natural sugar. In fact, if taken for a long time, experts suggest can interfere with blood circulation, hyperactivity, cancer to mental disorders.

Materials drugs, recent cases have revealed that a vendor offers spiked with drugs. Little could be a slave and drug addiction in the future.

Plastic Packaging, almost all foods in school children packed in plastic. Packaging fried ice wrap, etc.. Though not all plastic is environmentally friendly and safe for health. Plastic material made from a mixture of these chemicals can contribute disease later in life.

Tricks anticipate snack street culture:

Talking to and understanding of the dangers of confectionary air outdoors
Schedule a regular time so the children can have breakfast at home.
If possible, give the child some food and drinks from home to anticipate the little hunger.
Process food in a creative and varied.