Crush on the guy? This Tips for Approaching

Although very fond of a man, but women sometimes approach his estimates for the prestige first. Women afraid of being labeled flirtatious when approaching a man.
There is a special trick when with a man that you do not look flirtatious and does not seem that you really hope so beloved. Following way she can open the way to approach you in the end. Check out his tips are summarized from Love Panky and Marie Claire.
1. Dare Staring eyes
Do not be ashamed to meet his eyes, but not with rigid or stern gaze. There is a term that says ‘smile with your eyes’. Give him a look that sweet and tender toward her, then you could see her lips. This method can make the man so uncomfortable and like you.
2. Ask for Help
When you have started near the men ask for help. Relief as small as asking her to pick out gifts would you give to a friend or family will make him feel needed. Him feel happy to help you.
3. Give Praise
Men love to praise. It made her feel appreciated and adored. Especially if you are praising the advantages it has. No need too excessive, just to say thank you when he gives you attention.
4. Lots of Smiles & Laughter
Pris like a woman who has a positive aura. How to show it is with lots of smiles and laughs. Show warmth when talking. Do not be so arrogant, arrogant and rude.
5. Attention
Everyone likes attention. Feel free to give it little attention as is currently the rainy season and prone to colds and coughs, remind him to be more diligent in taking vitamins. Definitely reminded him feel happy like that. Although small, but it can be very meaningful.
6. Touch it
One way that could make him turn around to flirt with you is to give it a touch. A gentle touch on the arm and shoulder to make him feel special. Your action is also a form of support for him. But remember, do not look ‘naughty’ with touches that you provided. I could have him instead.
7. Tug
When the he has started giving positive responses, the tug game remains to be done. The way it makes you look mysterious and make him turn around curiously. The trick to not contact him all day. This time let the one who tried to approach you. The he felt challenged to get to your heart.