Corals Teeth, How to Avoid It

Tartar derived from thin layers are neglected because we are not careful oral hygiene. In the process of chewing food the salivary glands produce saliva in large quantities for a smooth process. Saliva contains bacteria that high because it is so naturally it was formed and works to help the process of digestion.
The bacteria bound with proteins and form thin layers dicelah-tooth gap. If not cleaned carefully the layers began to harden and grew thicker as tertumpuknya next new layers. So the actual formation process is inevitable for all of us.
Prevent Coral Teeth

Brushing your teeth carefully after every meal consumed in the morning, afternoon and evening is enough to guarantee a reduced risk of forming tartar. For those of you who still get the problem that despite diligent and careful brushing it so understandable that there is one more thing that most determines the fate of the affairs of the construction of a teeth? The majority of patients tartar is that they have the teeth in such a way that the process of cleaning with a toothbrush can not reach the crevices of your teeth properly.
Extra cleaning using mouthwash is quite helpful to a certain stage. Similarly, other methods such as toothpicks or dental floss although the latter is hard to do for the teeth that are too tight. You should recognize this well because basically teeth should not be treated carelessly in the cleaning process. Improper handling can lead to further problems such as tooth decay. Tartar so magical that has perfect white teeth also still have the possibility to get it.