Cartoon character Garfield Present in Video Games

You know, a cat lazy and likes to eat very well with ‘co-star’ a dog named Oddie innocent?

Yes, the cat is Garfield. Although not one of the characters from animation companies such as Walt Disney and Warnes Bros., but the character Garfield created by Jim Davis many years ago was able to capture the attention of children and even adults around the world.

And now, not only popularity Garfield film world, but also penetrated into the gaming world, one of which is Garfield’s Diner. This game is very similar to the restaurant game Dinner Dash.

As a player, duty to serve the visitors who come in and make them feel at home by the services provided. You have to do it all quickly before your customers start one by one left the restaurant. Because of this game relies on the speed of the hand and also patience.

Although the restaurant is owned by Garfield, in fact the waitress in this game is a man named Jon. Jon you must move as quickly as possible in serving the customers. Customers will enter through the front door and will sit in the waiting room.

Not long after sitting down, the customer wants a meal in your restaurant. At the beginning of the game, the menu is available only Pizza, Pasta, and Coffee. All these dishes have a different booth.

If your customers want to eat pizza, then drag the customer with your finger and place it on a pizza booth, then he will sit there. Press again to Jon’s going to meet the customers and will make food. When finished eating, went to the cashier and the customer would be prepared to pay. Make sure Jon has been there to receive the money before a customer is blurred.

Depending on each customer, there may be some among them who want to eat two or three dishes at once at the restaurant. So after eating a meal, into another booth he wants and serve it well. This can sometimes stymie you in serving other customers, but of course you will get more money.

Not only that, because there is also a special character sometimes visit your restaurant. If you can serve them well, these special characters will give the money a lot more than other visitors.

Each level in the game Garfield has a different purpose. But usually you are told to get a certain amount of money before the restaurant closed. If you can meet these requirements, the level of restaurant you would go up and it look good.

However, with the development of your restaurant, it means more number of customers who come in, so make your fingers getting busy. But do not worry. If you have collected enough money, you can make Jon to serve customers more quickly than usual. You also can call another waiter to help Jon, but you have to  dollars to do so.

Indeed, this game is not the best cooking themed games in the Android Market, but for fans of Garfield definitely will really enjoy this game Garfield’s Diner. For those of you who are interested, can directly download it for free in the Android Store.