Caring for Horses The Greatest in the Game ‘My Horse’

Sport riding is one sport that can be enjoyed along with the entire family. Not only adults, children also enjoyed it very much. Because it is a horse is an animal that is easy to be friends if it is in a state of benign.

For those of you who are interested in trying to take care of a horse without any cost at all, to try one of the games that can be played on iOS and Android, the game is titled My Horse.

Game Processed Natural Motion Games Ltd invites you to take care of the horse and establish a bond with him. Not only that, you also can train, ride, feed, to take on the race and win it. This game is very complete feature set and also very realistic.

When you first play, you will be given a brown stallion. You can give the name of the horse. This game is very easy to play because eventually you will be given a tutorial which is quite easy to follow and understand.

At the beginning of the game, you have a horse that is going to spend a lot of time running around and resting on a beautiful green meadow. You can adjust the angle of the camera 360 degrees and as free as possible to determine the exact angle to see your horse. You also can photograph your horse and you can show it to your friends via email or Facebook account.

My Horse is not just about seeing your horse run around and took pictures. It poses some features and mini-games that make My Horse is very different from the game like caring for animals.

You can also give your horse food to keep her healthy and happy. And to feed, you have to play a mini-game. This mini-game is to provide a variety of food that is processed and then given to your horse. Another mini-game that can be played while you bathe your horse and some other treatments that make the horse comfortable and happy to be treated by you.

The biggest aspects of the game take care of this horse certainly is participating in a race. Here you can compete with players My Horse others around the world. To participate in the race, the horse you must first have a healthy status. If your horse is healthy, it will also affect the coins and experience you get at the end of the competition.

Before competing, you can first practice to master control. One is competition jumping hurdles. All you have to do is press the appropriate button on the screen at the right time to make your horse jump.

Exercise is of course much easier than when you are following the race. Once the race is complete, you will be given a rank according to your efforts in the win. The higher your rank, the more the coins and experience you get. You earn coins that can be used to purchase a variety of equipment that can make horses more competitive.

3D image display is crystal clear and smooth when played, making this game very worthy for you to play. If you are interested, can directly download it for free on iTunes for users of iOS and Google Play Store for your Android users.