Caring Character Education “It Never Ends”

“When the loss of wealth, you do not miss anything. When losing health, you lose something. When a character loses, you lose everything “- Billy Graham

Currently there are at least 2 things that I know have never cracked by age, what is it?

  1. Change
  2. Character Education

If talking change then, in truth we were there today, who are reading this article are different from us that yesterday. Different dimananya? Cell of our bodies have changed, the information we receive change, we age change and many other things.

Similarly, in character education, is a process that is not never stop. Governments may change, the king should abdicate, the president should stop his tenure, but pendidika character still must go on. Character education is not a project that has a beginning and an end. Character education is required each individual to become a better person, a better citizen of high human value. Mantab!

As the proverb from China “If andamembuat plan one year, plant rice. If you make a plan for ten years plant a tree. If you make a plan for lifelong educate people “. The question is what education should be given?

When I first bothered to work and learn multiplication math to 2-3 digits along the roots of his rank, now in my daily life is not very relevant to my work activities. anyway if I have to deal with numbers, I just open the drawer and grab a calculator. I think that if the brain could be used for something much more beneficial why do something that could do this simple stuff (calculator). Similarly, when I mengahfal for more than 12 years of history, it was a few years ago published the history in Indonesia a lot of lies, and not in accordance with the material being taught in schools. And education I learned it was not so useful anymore for me and most people.

I told him I was not meant learning experience at school, or in school is useless. So there is no benefit for me, what? I learned to socialize, learn the patterns of thought and many other things.

Back to the topic of the moment is lost. What education should be given? It’s easy, Character Education. Then another education?

Other subjects of education clearly needs to be, but given the nuances of character in it. Insert the value of life, the positive value of each material and give a touch of life benefits. For example, to teach physics to talk about the founder of the theory or formula that is being taught. Boost your positive attitude and kept repeating that students do not just memorize the formula alone but positive values ??of the founder of the theory. The question is whether it is we do, my parents and teachers?

When a state does not pay attention to education, the State is not membangaun source of strength, a source of progress, sources of wealth, prestige and resources that can always be updated, the human qualities and the quality of its people. This quality is determined by the level of intelligence and strength of character of its people. Well, here the character education plays an important role to produce it all. Remember, unlike the natural resources used and exploited when it will expire at a certain time, in contrast with the kindness of character and intelligence of character, will further increase if used continuously.

The purpose of education is a perfect human life so that it can fulfill all the needs of life both physically and spiritually. What we can of nature … the knowledge, skill should not be taken goals and objectives. But the tools, utensils, others do not. The flowers would become fruit. That’s what we have to prioritize. The fruit of education, namely mental immaturity, which will be able to achieve an orderly life and livelihood and sacred and beneficial to others. ”

Well, true character education never stops from our lives. if we ever get a character education, or education formerly Pekerti Budi, was not finished until we finish school. In the school of life just a successful man is a man who has a character value and every year (even daily, quarterly or even half) still rise exams class, until when? Until we pass from this earth. Well that’s why I pointed out that the character education never stops. Enjoy and live with the characters successfully.