Building Character From Early Childhood Education

Dude, if I am asked when’s the right time to determine a person’s success and achievements? So, the answer is as yet early age. Really? Well I will share a fact that has been widely studied by researchers world.

At the early age of 0-6 years, the brain develops very rapidly up to 80 percent. At that age the brain to receive and absorb various kinds of information, does not look good and the bad. That is the period for which the physical, mental and spiritual child will begin to take shape. Because of this, many are calling this period as a golden period children (golden age).

A study conducted by an expert in child development and behavior of Americans named Brazelton says that the experience of the child in the first months and years of life will determine whether the child will be able to face the challenges in his life and whether he will show great enthusiasm to learn and succeed in the workplace.

Now, therefore, we as parents should take advantage of the golden child to provide character education is good for children. So that children can achieve success in life and success in the future. We as parents sometimes do not realize, our attitude to children it will drop the child. For example, with the hit, giving pressure which ultimately makes the child a negative attitude, low self-esteem or self-conscious, timid and did not dare to take risks, which in the end these characters will be brought up to an adult. When such a mature character would become an obstacle for him to reach out and fulfill his desire. For example, there could be a public speaker because he is embarrassed or ashamed. Not willing to take some chances because he did not want to take the risk and fear of failure. In fact, if he is to be positive, the risk can be altered as a challenge to succeed. You agree right?

Many say our success is determined by how our brain genius. The more we are, the more successful genius. The more we reach champion title in a row, then the more successful we are. Is this true? Wait wait!

I myself do not agree with these assumptions. Facts prove, many successful people just do not get the glorious achievements in school, they do not get a champion or a top position in the school. Why is that? Because real success is not only determined by our intelligence alone. But success is more dominant is determined by the skill Establishing our emotional connection with self, others and the environment. Besides, should not be left out is our spiritual relationship with God Almighty.

Did you know that the skills to build relationships with the three pillars (self, social, and God) are the characters owned by successful people. And, let me tell you that the characters are not entirely innate. Such characters can be formed. Wow, really? I say Yes! And when the child was aged early-formed characters that. As we discussed earlier, that early childhood is a period of physical development of character, mind and spirit begin to form. At this early age, the character will be formed from the children learn and absorb from our behavior as parents and from the surrounding environment. In this age of mental DEVELOPMENT happened very quickly. At that age the child also becomes very sensitive and insensitive to learn and practice the things he sees, feels and listens from the environment. Therefore, the positive environment will shape the character of a positive and successful.

Then, how to build character of children from an early age?

The character will be formed as a result of a definite understanding of three experienced by every human being (triangle relationship), the relationship with oneself (intrapersonal), the environment (social relationships and environment), and the relationship with the Almighty God (spiritual). Any result that relationship will provide interpretation / understanding of the values ??and beliefs eventually become children. How children understand the relation of the child will determine how to treat her world. Understanding will negatively impact on the treatment of negative and positive understanding will treat her world positively. To that end, Grow a positive understanding in children from an early age, one way to give confidence to the child to make decisions for himself, to help children direct their potential so they are better able to explore by itself, does not suppress either directly or subtly , and so on. Familiarize children socialize and interact with their surroundings. Remember the choices for the environment largely determines the character formation of children. As the saying goes along with the seller would come scented perfume, along with fishy fish vendors will participate. As such, a good and healthy environment will foster healthy and good character, and vice versa. And that can not be overlooked is building a spiritual relationship with God Almighty. Spiritual relationship with God Almighty awakened through implementation and appreciation are implemented on the ritual of social life.

Well, now we understand why building character education children from an early age is important. An early age is a golden age, then take advantage of the golden age well.