Building a Learning City in Game Virtual City

Managing a city as a mayor is not an easy job. You have to actually manage the city that you are leading to be considered comfortable by the community. If you are interested, you can try to build a city game that can be played on Android, Virtual City.

This game is very interesting to play, because in it you will face a variety of issues that you should be able to solve the problem. Do not worry, because this game is quite easy to be played by anyone.

There are 50 Challenging levels in Virtual City, consist of 5 different cities in the United States are Colorado, California, Michigan, Montana, and New York. There are also 18 different mission scenarios, more than 50 buildings that you can build, 25 items are ready for transport to the mall or out of town, there are 16 achievements that we can get, and more buildings – buildings that you can get if can complete each level well.

To zoom, just like Virtual City game there on iOS, at the bottom of the screen there are 6 buttons. The first button is for cars that deliver raw materials / finished goods to a place we’ve set route, the second is for the janitor’s car and see the track is already / not yet be determined, all three to know the bus line, the fourth mission to check that you have been through and you are not yet implemented, the fifth is to construct a building (houses, factories, malls, cinemas, stadiums, etc.), planting trees, building playgrounds, etc., and the last to check the buildings that we build.

Every building and vehicle that we build and buy, you can upgrade to be able to produce more material and can transport goods to be ready in the distribution. Of each – each level, there is certainly no material from the building that we found, so we must work together premises other cities to get the raw materials, you can get directly to another city, or by way of exchange of goods first, then you can get materials you need.

There are so many challenges you face, sometimes suddenly you are building or production houses burst into flames, so you have to put it manually by clicking a burning building, or you can build a fire department to facilitate your work.

Then, sometimes existing vehicles must always strike, therefore you have to fix it by clicking on the vehicle or you can build a garage on every track vehicles to drive through.

Try also to people to always glad that the population continues to rise, the way you can see a picture of a tree environment. Normally if you are getting a lot of building such a plant, environment will drop to minus-red, it will also lead to population decline and happiness in your city.

To improve the return environment, you can plant a tree or build a city park. And to increase the happiness of your people, able to build a plaza, then you hold the fireworks or balloons fly.

Are you interested? You can directly download it in the Android Store. Good luck!