Avoid Alcohol While Pregnant Want

Families who want to have children should avoid the consumption of alcoholic beverages. Not only the wife is to be avoided, but also her husband. Because alcohol consumption at conception occurs (the meeting of sperm and egg), are at increased risk for miscarriage.

Of 430 couples in Denmark, aged around 20-35 years, and are planning to become pregnant for the first time. During the study, in 186 couples, pregnancy, of which 55 pregnancies ended in spontaneous abortion and 131 pregnancy is progressing well.

From these results, traced the cause of miscarriages that occur. As a result, women who consumed 10 or more alcoholic beverages per week at the time of conception, were three times more likely to have a miscarriage than those who did not consume alcoholic beverages.

Being men who consumed 10 or more alcoholic beverages per week at conception, then she would risk five times more likely to experience spontaneous abortion compared with husbands who did not consume alcohol.

The reason, possibly because alcohol causes the chromosomes in the sperm cell becomes abnormal. And there are many known cases of miscarriages due to chromosomal abnormalities. Previously also been known that alcohol consumption may cause some risk to the baby, such as:
1. birth defects
2. Babies born with low weight
3. premature birth

Animal experiments also showed adverse outcomes of alcohol consumption at conception. Male and female animals were given large amounts of alcohol at around conception or early in pregnancy increases the risk of fetal death. Human being, whether it has the same result, is not clear.