Realizing the Character Education Qualified

At the level of theory, character education is very promising for answering the question of education. However, the level of practice, there is often bias in its application. But as an effort, character education must be a program that is measurable accomplishments. Talk about measurement means there should be measuring tool, measuring instrument if mathematics education is clear, if you value above exam strandard graduation meant he could. Well, what about character education?

If given about the character of the education problem is not actually measure the real situation. For example, if you meet people who are lost in the middle of the road and do not have the money to continue perjalananya what you do? To test scores good results then the answer is to help people, either giving money or take her to the destination. My question is, if this is really happening is going to happen as theory? As exam answers? So what gauge of character education? Of observation, along with the desired behavioral indicators. For example, observing a student in class for a particular subject, of course, the student does not know when he’s in the observation. Well, we can define an indicator if he has good behavior when the teacher explained, suppose listen carefully, no fuss and a complete record. Easy is not it? And this should be compared with a number of situations, not just in the classroom alone. There are many ways to measure this, use your creativity and humility to learn more leverage so that this measurement is perfect.

Form the character of students is not an easy and quick effort. It requires continuous efforts and deep reflection to create a series of Moral Choice (moral judgment) to be followed up with concrete action, making it practical and reflective. Needed some time to make those custom (habit) and form the character or nature of a person. According to Helen Keller (deaf-blind man first graduating cum laude from Radcliffe College in 1904) “Character can not be develop in ease and quite. Only through experience of trial and Suffering can the soul be strengthened, vision cleared, ambition inspired, and success Achieved “.

Besides launching character education course is intended to be one of the answers to the various problems facing the nation that is currently widely seen, heard and felt, where many problems arise in identifying the source of the failure of education in injecting moral values ??to students. This is certainly very appropriate, because the purpose of education is not only the birth of intelligent beings, but also creates a strong character man. As said Dr. Martin Luther King, that “intelligence plus character that is the goal of true education” (intelligence character is the ultimate goal of true education).

Many things can be done to realize the character education in schools. The concept of character is not quite serve as a point in the syllabus and plan the implementation of learning in schools, but it should be more than that, run and practiced. Begin by learning to obey the school rules, and enforce it in the discipline. Schools should make character education as a value system that thrive in school embodied in examples and real appeal exhibited by teachers and school staff in the daily activities at school.

On the other hand, character education is an effort that must involve all stakeholders in education, whether the family, the school and the school environment and the wider community. Therefore, the first step you need to do is to rebuild education partnerships and networks that seem to be breaking down among the three stakeholders in the school nearest the teachers, families and communities. Establishment and character education is not going to work for an educational environment among stakeholders there is no continuity and harmony. Thus, households and families as the formation and character education first and foremost must be improved which is further supported by the environment and learning conditions in schools that reinforce the cycle of creation. In addition, not least the importance of education in society. Communities also greatly affect the character and disposition of a person. Public environment greatly affects the success of planting ethical values, aesthetic to the formation of character. According Qurais Shihab (1996; 321), social situation with the value system espoused, influence the attitudes and perspectives of society as a whole. If the system of values ??and their view is limited to the present and here, the efforts and ambitions are limited to the same thing.

Want to achieve a quality character education? So the key is described above, there is a true gauge so that no evaluation and know what needs fixing, there are three essential components (teachers, families and communities) in order merelaisasikan character education actually takes place not only discourse without action. Remember, character education through school, not merely the learning of knowledge per se, but more than that, the cultivation of moral, ethical values, aesthetic, noble manners. And the most important is the practice after the information given and done with school discipline by each element.

Fitness machine

A U.S. federal data consumer product of the Commission show that each year about 50,000 people jumping through the use of treadmills, exercise ball, rope, weights and other fitness equipment, injured, how much damage caused by the treadmill in most, thousands of people will therefore went to the emergency room. Serving the High accident is the most common injury of a treadmill.

In fact, the treadmill must also serve some skill. Beijing Phyllis fitness club coach Li Liang noted the treadmill is prone to injury, particularly due to the use of inappropriate methods misunderstandings:
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Prediction of Cardiovascular Disease

During this time, obesity and disease risk is predicted by calculating BMI (Body Mass Index). Yet according to a recent study, calculating the ratio of waist and hip circumference is a more accurate way to measure a person’s risk of heart disease.

Who studied comparative study waist and hips have been done in the area of ??Europe and America and is still rare to find evidence that the study resulted in other populations. So, Dr. Salim Yusuf, director of the Population Health Research Institute at McMaster University and Hamilton Health Sciences to study with his colleagues to 52 countries involving more than 27,000 participants. They were divided into groups who have had heart attacks and those who have not.

Team doctors found that BMI in the group who had experienced a heart attack is only slightly higher than the other groups (with no difference in results between the Middle East and South Asia). While the calculation of waist-hip circumference, differences in the ratio of the first group and the second group was so far adrift (irrespective of other cardiovascular risk factors). The scientists found that this observation was consistent in men and women, for all ages, and in all parts of the world. Continue reading “Prediction of Cardiovascular Disease”

Electric bikes-Choose the right kit

Like any new technology or product, there are many offers very cheap to very expensive. Undesirable well-developed and marketed by everybody and his brother-in-law If you want to take advantage of this new technology, how do you decide what to buy and from whom? Here are some tips that can help you.

• Electric bikes are limited by federal law to 750 watts and 20 miles per hour. There are many bikes and kits on the market, the power of advertising as high as 1000 watts. Watch out! There are two ways to power the first wave or “peak power” the engine is measured from the first attempt, and the continuous power that the engine is running. A large number of high-powered engines are advertising their performance, not their continuous power. As a consumer, it is very difficult to tell the difference, but you can always ask. A tipoff would be a relatively large engine as 500 watts, which operates at a lower battery voltage, eg 36 volts. A real motor of 500 watts (or more) continuous service typically use 48 volts or more.
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Brief history of the bicycle

The bicycle, bike or cycle is a human-vehicle driven by pedals. It has a base frame with two wheels in it, one after another. Nearly 1.4 billion people in the world use this vehicle, and obviously one of the most popular vehicles and more efficient in use today. This is not only an important and popular transport, but also an effective tool for leisure. It has several uses such as police and military applications, courier services and bicycle facilities and fitness for adults.

Introduced in the 19th century century in Europe, bicycle has a large number of innovators and inventors credited to its name. The bike is called the human powered vehicle are Draisines. This was presented to the people of Paris in 1818 by the German Baron Karl von Drais. Kirkpatrick MacMillan made an upgrade to this vehicle by adding a mechanical crank drive with the drive as the vehicle. Thus, the modern bicycle “ launched.
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Reduce juices Drug Efficacy

Be careful about drinking juice, especially when you’re in the treatment period. Type of drug efficacy decreased when accompanied by juice is a cure for heart disease, cancer, post-transplant organ rejection reactions and infections.

Orange juice, grapefruit (citrus sort of larger ones), and apples can reduce the body’s ability to absorb a certain type of drug. Can even make the drug loss cure. So as disclosed to Canadian researchers.

David Bailey, professor of clinical pharmacology at the University of Western Ontario was the first researcher who revealed that grapefruit juice can increase the absorption of some drugs to likely change the drug should be safe to be dangerous. After that, Bailey made ??a similar study as part of its sustainable research. The result is grapefruit juice and some other fruit species reduces the oral absorption of some drugs, but these types of drugs are urgently needed by people with chronic diseases.

This conclusion was drawn after the team’s researchers examined healthy participants who drank antihistamine drug used to combat allergies, with grapefruit juice, naringin water is given (so that grapefruit sour taste), and plain water. Apparently, the drug is taken using grapefruit juice to lose at least half the dose efficacy than drugs taken with plain water. Meanwhile, the water fed , blocking content important in medicine, which serves to bring drugs from the small intestine into the bloodstream. With obstruction of the essential content of the carrier is then automatically reduced drug absorption, may even attenuate the medical benefits of the drug.

Doping in professional cycling

If a driver speaks against doping and has provided information on what other drivers are taken, they are excluded and possibly forced to leave the field. It is for many drivers who were talking against doping. If you cheat and take drugs, you will always be welcome.

Its ironic that many have with the bike to try a system that endangers the physical or mental health of the drivers only. Thus, they can continue to waste money on dope

What is the point of losing money on dope when the positions of drivers will be the same as if there were no drugs? If you allow doping earn the same driver as if you did not dope. So what do they win?
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Free Time Best Test For Cervical Cancer

Here’s a guide to the best test of time for women according to the American Cancer Society 2006:

All women under the age of 30 years

Should begin to be examined after first vaginal intercourse, but no later than age 21 years. Undergo regular Pap smear every year, or two years if a new version using the Pap smear are water based.

Women aged 30 years and over

examination schedule can be every two or three years, with a note if you get a normal result for the last three Pap tests. Or, do every three years using the Pap smear and HPV DNA testing.
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What you need Commute cycle


I have a long way by most standards (16.5 miles each way), but 75% of it is on the trails and it is a little easier. I wear a lot of equipment, I am IT professional, so I have to carry computer equipment and clothes towel for the shower etc … I decided to commute to start, because I felt it was the right thing to do, the more I love cycling.


Firstly, the bike: I ride a road bike for a tour with narrow wheel tires … it is not just for commuters. travel, I decided to go mountain biking. You must not be afraid to spend a few dollars, but will not break the bank either. I found a nice big Ricion for about $ 100, which is currently my suburb. The important thing is to stay away from department stores. quality used bikes always serve you a new bike from wally world.
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Water Needs In The Body

Normal water levels in the human body ranges from 70 to 80% of body weight. In the body, water is supposed to undergo a process of absorption in the small intestine, reabsorption in the large intestine, also undergo the process of spending through the sweat glands and urinary tract / urinary.

Water content in the body must always be balanced at normal levels. If there is a situation in which the water content in the body down from the levels should be, then the body will directly request the replacement of lost water content, and hence why we need a drink. Similarly, if the current level is more than enough water, the body will release the excess water through the urinary tract. Frequent urination every day depending on habits, the amount of fluid you drink, cold air, and the bladder muscle strength.

If the loss of the water content is not immediately replaced, the water content of the body will fall to levels below normal levels, and the body will become dehydrated.