Prepare Yourself For Pregnancy

Many women who do not suspect pregnancy came as preparations, especially the physical preparation to face the pregnancy has not been done. This preparation is necessary in order to conceive and give birth to a baby in good health.

Looking for those who want to have children, you can increase chances of getting pregnant if your physical condition is fresher and healthier. Preparation is not just for wives, but to husbands as well, required quality and quantity of sperm is good. Due to the occurrence of pregnancy, required preparation from both sides.

For The Husband

Stop smoking
Because smoking can cause infertility, thus reducing the chances of getting pregnant wife. In addition, cigarette smoke also affects the health of the fetus before and after birth.
Stop consuming alcohol in large quantities
Because alcohol can affect sperm quality. Continue reading “Prepare Yourself For Pregnancy”

Develop a Little Creativity

Basically, all children are creative, and always want to know new things, it’s just that distinguishes it is the limitations of the environment and a sense of enthusiasm for the little one to vary. As a parent, its obligation is explored talent and interest from an early age the little one. It is not difficult because of their own abilities that will stand out and be seen clearly, parents just need to facilitate and develop it as the original.

Not demanding wishes

The figure is not a good parent who demands everything at will. Example: the little one wants to be an expert musical talents while the little one would prefer to draw a lead to a fine art. This is not going to work because of the mismatch of interest. As a parent, must be able to accept the advantages and disadvantages of the Small. Always be sugest that he was capable of.
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Pregnancy disorders that should alert

Pregnancy can bring happiness as well as discomfort. Happy because of the new life growing inside your womb. Uncomfortable because many commonly accompany pregnancy complaints such as nausea, vomiting, and so on. These complaints can be made ??during pregnancy should be a time of happiness turns into unpleasant. You may also be wary, lest the complaints of the mark a disturbance in pregnancy.

Actually, most likely the majority of complaints that you are experiencing is normal and occurs due to hormonal changes or stress / strain experienced heavy body due to pregnancy. However, it is also possible that you are experiencing severe disruption and harm to the fetus as well as yourself, for example:

1. Severe headache that does not go away

2. The views / blurred vision Continue reading “Pregnancy disorders that should alert”

How to Use the Word for Children DON’T ?

Many people avoid using the word ‘not’ in children. Are you avoid to use? The following story can make us think differently.

The number of people who say, “Do not use the word ‘please’!” Makes us wary and careful with what we say to the children. Many parents are desperately trying to avoid. Various training and habituation, somersaults sought. Do you also do it?

The word ‘do’ it has characteristics that make it still be spoken, but on the other hand need to be considerate in their use. Situation and need to get the attention of their intended use.

Recently, I watched a mother in my home. Incidentally I’m going home in honor of the long weekend and leave with hahaha. Mom is still using the ‘do not’. I found the use of different patterns, based on the situation and the purpose of the use of the word ‘do not’ is.
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Avoid Alcohol While Pregnant Want

Families who want to have children should avoid the consumption of alcoholic beverages. Not only the wife is to be avoided, but also her husband. Because alcohol consumption at conception occurs (the meeting of sperm and egg), are at increased risk for miscarriage.

Of 430 couples in Denmark, aged around 20-35 years, and are planning to become pregnant for the first time. During the study, in 186 couples, pregnancy, of which 55 pregnancies ended in spontaneous abortion and 131 pregnancy is progressing well.

From these results, traced the cause of miscarriages that occur. As a result, women who consumed 10 or more alcoholic beverages per week at the time of conception, were three times more likely to have a miscarriage than those who did not consume alcoholic beverages.

Being men who consumed 10 or more alcoholic beverages per week at conception, then she would risk five times more likely to experience spontaneous abortion compared with husbands who did not consume alcohol. Continue reading “Avoid Alcohol While Pregnant Want”

Caffeine Dangers for Pregnant Women

Loving coffee and do not want to part from it? If you are pregnant, you should forget the coffee. Find a safer alternative beverages, for the fetus.

U.S. researchers ensure they have strong evidence to suggest that caffeine is harmful to pregnancy. The pregnant women who consume caffeine in large quantities every day in the early months of pregnancy are at risk of miscarriage is higher.

For greatest banar safe, expectant mothers should avoid caffeinated beverages of any kind during the initial 5 months of pregnancy, the researchers said in a research report published in the American Journal Obstretics and Gynecology.

Previous studies have revealed that pregnant women who consume three cups of coffee or 300 mg of caffeine a day face an increased risk of miscarriage than pregnant women who avoid caffeine.

The researchers found the risk of miscarriage increases with the increasing consumption of caffeine daily, whether from coffee, tea, hot chocolate, other caffeinated beverages, or a combination of all of them. Continue reading “Caffeine Dangers for Pregnant Women”

Danger Road Hawker

Street hawker snacks seems to have become a trend since the first child. Although it has been given a lunch from home, the Little sometimes get carried away and buy a street hawker from friends. For one thing it’s good to give parents extra attention these unhealthy snack culture.
There is no provision especially will be the main reason for children to go hungry at school. Parental lifestyle habits will affect the Small. Example: Parents who do not prepare himself for the rush rush rush in the morning. Parents need to be more wise and prudent in managing the child’s diet snacks outside the home so that can be ruled out. If you want to snack, choose snacks that at least worth the price, there is no guarantee hygiene, and even better to prepare at home.

Dangers street hawker contents include:

Raw water, a handful of fresh drinks like dawet, cendol, syrups, etc. do not all use boiled water for his wares. This is because of high fuel prices are not close to the sales price. And this is very dangerous, minimal diarrhea can attack the Small. Continue reading “Danger Road Hawker”

Healthy nails while pregnant

As a result of the action of the hormones of pregnancy, some pregnant women feel her nails grow faster and stronger. But there is also a feeling of being more brittle nails. If brittle nails, cut it short and avoid using nail polish.

Always keep your nails health. Consumption of foods that if you lack the protein, calcium and vitamin D.

Healthy nails are pink. If you want your nails look more okay, one should not do manicure (manicure fingers) and pedicure (foot care and fingernails). This activity can be done once a week. When done at home, you can save time and cost. Do not forget to provide the equipment first, then do the following steps:

Remove nail polish on your fingers (if you use it)
Wash your hands with soap, dry with a towel.
Nail clippers oval or flat. Stingy one direction, from each side to the center of the nail. Do not back and forth.
Soak hands in the basin of warm water. Combine soap and 1-2 teaspoons of lemon juice for about 15 minutes. Continue reading “Healthy nails while pregnant”

Create Account owner Effects Imagery

Social media has become part of everyday life. Almost everyone has an account on the social media. Various account name and fro, from which it is or completely different from the owner . Will this affect the formation of ourselves?

Have a facebook or twitter account? Definitely on of hands, if only after I added the sentence asked, “Who has hands”. I’ve also heard of a friend that I do not know (well, what is the name of this friend?) Said, “Whats your twitter?” Keep your friends who asked replied, “nope got”. Go direct tone, “The Age of this, nope have twitter?”. If only people were bad to me, I said, “Twitter’s Jack Dorsey hers” haha.

Yes, almost everyone got twitter or facebook account. Although many kinds of social media such as Instagram or youtube. But lately both the first social media first mentioned earlier so familiar in our introductory communication daily. Twitter or facebook is like a business card only. Continue reading “Create Account owner Effects Imagery”

Strategies Tricks Avoiding Jet Lag

When traveling abroad, so the jet lag experienced something unusual. Crossed the time zone difference, through the activities with different times, then back again to the place of origin. Headache, nausea and weakness emerged.

Steven W. Lockley, a team member of fatigue management the U.S. space agency (Nasa) says that greatly influence the direction of flight. This is related to the residence time difference that has made you accustomed. So you avoid jet lag, try some of these tricks.

– Consumption of water
“Increase consumption of water. Way is to keep your body hydrated and keep your mind functioning properly,” said Vivek Jain, Medical Director of George Washington University Hospital Centre, was quoted as saying by the Huffington.

– Set diet Continue reading “Strategies Tricks Avoiding Jet Lag”