Diabetes Attack Woman, Recognize Symptoms

Diabetes is a disease that affects many young people today. Both men and women can suffer from this lifelong disease. However, you may be wondering whether it is possible for men and women have different symptoms of diabetes?

In spite of the signs of diabetes are generally known, there were additional symptoms of diabetes in women. The signs of diabetes are not known and can be considered harmless, but do not be fooled these symptoms as bad as the symptoms of diabetes in men.

Here are some common symptoms of diabetes in both men and women, as reported by Healthmeup

– Increased thirst and appetite Continue reading “Diabetes Attack Woman, Recognize Symptoms”

Learn by Memorization, Shaping Next ‘photocopy’ Generation

Just imagine if our children become the next generation of users, not the creator. Destroyed their creativity by learning habit forming mental ‘copies’, just copy what is learned, without changing themselves.

There’s an interesting thing when the session early, when making the definition of ‘Creative Learning’. A participant asked about the suitability of their own definition and the definition they think is more appropriate, as appropriate (or even the same) the definition is written in the book.

At the beginning of the session, participants create a definition of ‘creative learning’ their version. In this session, use the method ‘create a story’ to create definition. With this story, the definitions formulated of course is the result of thoughts, feelings and experiences of the participants themselves on creative learning. What is interesting? Continue reading “Learn by Memorization, Shaping Next ‘photocopy’ Generation”

Whooping Cough Still Attacking Toddler

DANGER still have to watch out for whooping cough by the mothers. Because whooping cough is still a special attention by the government.

The number of children under five in the UK that whooping cough is still high. According to the Health Protection Agency in the UK, recent data there are 1080 children who develop whooping cough. Thirteen newborns died from whooping cough detected exposed while in the womb.

Dr. Gayatri Amirthalingam from the Health Protection Agency said that the cases of whooping cough is a seasonal disease in infants.
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Looking forward to The Role of Husband When Baby

One of the causes of high maternal mortality in Indonesia is the lack of role of the family, especially the husband, in the process during pregnancy, childbirth, and postpartum. In fact, where my husband was very instrumental to help soothe physical and psychological condition of the wife.

The role of the husband is required during the pregnancy. A husband should accompany her to check her pregnancy, so the husband can also find and follow the step by step development of the baby. In addition, the husband can better understand the emotional state of his wife.

The condition is a time before delivery – the most stressful and tiring for a pregnant woman. In such situations, the presence of a husband in his wife’s hand so help feeling the wife becomes more controlled. Continue reading “Looking forward to The Role of Husband When Baby”

Role of Placenta In Pregnancy

The placenta is the organ software. The placenta is round or oval. The placenta grows along with baby. In the 10th week of pregnancy, placental weight about 12 grams, until the baby is born, weighing up to 700 grams.

In early pregnancy, the placenta grows and sends blood vessels into the uterus. Blood vessels are moving food and oxygen from the pregnant woman’s body for use by infants. Waste products from the baby will go back into the flow of blood through the vessels to be disposed of by the pregnant woman’s body.

The placenta is thought to act as a barrier (barrier) of all substances outside the body. However, in some circumstances, the placenta can not keep the baby against substances that are used by the mother during pregnancy. drugs, other substances (such as nicotine), and various vitamins and minerals can cross the placenta and enter the baby’s body. That’s what causes pregnant women are warned to avoid the use of foreign substances during pregnancy.
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Disturbance in the Process of Childbirth

Although generally normal, sometimes there are also delivery obstacles / interference. Disruption in the delivery process that is often encountered are:

Impaired removal of placenta
The wound in the birth canal

Dystocia (difficult birth and can not continue) can caused because of inadequate manpower mother, the fetus is too large, or abnormalities in the birth mother (eg pelvis is too narrow). Usually the doctor will try to help with the vacuum, pliers / forceps, or cesarean.

Impaired removal of placenta

If labor dystocia occurs in stages 1 and 2, the removal of placenta disorder only occurred in stage 3. Although arise when the baby is born, this disorder can not be taken lightly. Disorders of the placenta expenditure (eg: the placenta does not come out perfect, or bleeding after palsenta out too much) can cause bleeding after childbirth (P3) is known as one of the causes of maternal mortality are the most common. Therefore, the doctors and nurses are always watching new mothers taken that interference does not occur. Causes removal of placenta disorder include:
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Because consumption Honey Allergy Effects in Infants Under 1 year

Honey has many benefits. Since centuries ago, many people rely on the strength of pure honey for the treatment and beauty treatments. However, behind his usefulness, pure honey holds the potential bad for the body. As quoted from page Live Strong, pure honey has the potential to trigger an allergic reaction or food poisoning, such as abdominal cramps, diarrhea, nausea, vomiting and fever.

Pure honey does not go through pasteurization stage so that spores and pollen potential to grow in it. As we know, honey is a sweet substance produced by bees thick, one kind of insect-eating flower nectar and pollen.

Chris Wagner of Dallas childrenâ € ™ s Medical Center, recounted his experience treating patients with pure honey poisoning. Worst Allergy potentially arise is shortness of breath, low blood pressure, dizziness, fainting, to heart failure. “Because you can not control how much pollen in pure honey you eat,” he said.

Children under one year of age is also not recommended to consume honey, especially raw honey, because the effects can be more serious allergies. Continue reading “Because consumption Honey Allergy Effects in Infants Under 1 year”

Abnormal Bleeding in vagina, What are the causes?

MANY women have experienced abnormal bleeding. This bleeding occurs not at the menstrual period, but outside of that period. Identify the causes of bleeding that occurs to prevent a worse condition.

Vaginal bleeding is considered abnormal if you experience heavy bleeding or unusual rash appears on the 10-year-old girl, during pregnancy, or after menopause. There are many possible abnormal vaginal bleeding. If the pregnant woman, this certainly should be wary because it could be a sign of miscarriage or abortion. Heavy vaginal bleeding or bleeding that occurs before 12 weeks of pregnancy could mean serious problems, including ectopic pregnancy or a miscarriage. Meanwhile, if bleeding occurs after 12 weeks also could mean serious problems, such as placenta previa, as reported by everydayhealth. Continue reading “Abnormal Bleeding in vagina, What are the causes?”

Healthy Life for Pregnant Women

With increasing gestational age and the abdominal swelling, discomfort will arise, both in terms of physical and appearance. In this condition, pregnant women are encouraged to stay and take care of personal hygiene. Although it often appears laziness, pregnant women are encouraged to be overcome. Here are things – things that must be considered by pregnant women in an effort to care for and maintain personal health.

Maintaining personal hygiene

During pregnancy, the hair will grow faster, thicker and shiny so it will look greasy. To overcome this, wash your hair at least 2 to 3 times a week.

Nurture your teeth regularly to avoid infection in the oral cavity. Infections that occur in the oral cavity will easily spread to other organs. In addition, check the teeth to the doctor regularly and inform you that you are pregnant. Continue reading “Healthy Life for Pregnant Women”

Tips Overcome Pain At Childbirth

To cope with pain during labor, try to apply the following tips:

During contraction, try to take a position like crawling on top .
The position this reduces head pressure baby’s against bone your back. In this the position of crawl this,  hands and backs. When contractions finished, put down plenty of pillows-pillow to prop your head.
When contractions began to again, get rid of pillow-pillow such in order you can return in a position crawl anymore.
Ask your partner to massage your lower back, or compress your back with warm water in between times of contraction. Use talc or petroleum jelly as a lubricant while massaging.
Move continued to in between each contraction. It will helps you to overcome the pain during childbirth. When contractions, choose positions of the most comfortable.
Maintain a position of backs who upright, good while standing, sitting, nor other positions. Point for the baby’s head remains in the cervix well, so the contractions were happening more and more powerful and effective.
Concentrate on respiratory your, for the soothe and reduce pain. Continue reading “Tips Overcome Pain At Childbirth”