Relaxing After a Stessful Day

Every day after work, I would come home exhausted and stressed. My muscles would ache, even though I was doing nothing but sitting in an office chair, typing on a computer while staring into a screen for hours. All I would want to do is lay down on the bed and go to sleep until the next day, where I would have to do it all over again. A coworker of mine suggested that I buy some products from Waterlilies and Company and have my own little spa and aromatherapy session at home. She had been buying products from there for a while and said that it really helped her relax after a long day.

I bought some essential oils, soaps, scrubs, and bubble bath mixture and planned to soak in the tub while listening to my favorite music as soon as I got home. The day that I decided to do all of this was a particularly rough day at work. I was faced with a lot of work to do and every second that I looked at the computer screen, it felt like my eyes were burning. I started to get a headache, and my back was starting to ache from sitting in that office chair for so long. I got up to stretch every 20 minutes, but that wasn’t enough.

Once I got home, I filled the tub with warm water, poured in the bubble bath mix, put some oil in the diffuser, and started washing myself with the soap and scrubber. The smells were so relaxing, and the warm water felt so good all over my skin that I just sat there for a couple of hours. I even fell asleep in the tub and when I woke up, I felt like a new person. Afterward, I slipped into my bath robe and ate a piece of my favorite chocolate cake.

Be Careful Who is Making Your Makeup and Skincare Products

Makeup can be expensive. I used to buy all of mine at a local department store. They had nice discounts on it. Then I started looking at where it was made. So much stuff is made in China. I have a relative who lives there, and he talks about how the product safety is not what you would expect in America. He said it even goes for the food items sold in the grocery store. I decided to start getting my makeup through Waterlilies and Company. They source their products from ethical manufacturers who are all based in Canada. The manufacturers of the makeup lines they use all participate in using natural ingredients and they avoid risky chemicals.

Waterlilies and Company are a boutique provider that ships internationally. Continue reading “Be Careful Who is Making Your Makeup and Skincare Products”

Dining Room Chairs That Are a Great Match

I had been looking for a match for one of my dining room chairs for nearly three months. My grandson had been over visiting when he somehow broke one of the chairs. It was not able to be fixed, so we just went from eight chairs to seven until I could find a suitable match. The store I had purchased them from was out of business long before my grandson was even born, and none of the other local furniture stores carried anything close to it. I finally found what I needed when I went to Continue reading “Dining Room Chairs That Are a Great Match”