5 Signs Your Approaching Men Just Because Fad

Like maybe surprised by the attitude of a man who was close lately. Does he like you or not? He often makes sense uncertain.

To avoid guessing, you should find out if he’s just a fad approach you because they were lonely or he really fancies you. Summarized Dating Without Drama, this is not a serious sign of a man with you.

1. Finding You Only At Night
When men are in love and hope to be closer to her idol, will generally be looking for you to call or send a message not every time. When a guy just looking for you at night, it could be a sign that he is just a mere fad. At night most people become more lonely and looking for friends who ‘available’. It could be not just to you he did ‘the fad’ is.

2. Not Telling His personal life
Although quite intense related but so far he’s not in the least talking about his personal life such as family, friends or work. Beware, this is a sign that he actually made the distance with you and do not want you to know more about it.

3. Not Intrigued with Your Life
Men who have more feelings towards her, she would find out about the woman. when he ‘looks’ flat’ without trying to dredge up your life, then maybe he just thinks you’re just friends only.

4. He Will not Go Together Just Only
As quoted from All women Stalk, if he would only go away when with a friend the other means he considers you as a friend. Men who are interested in taking the time to go alone with you without the other. So, do not expect too high when this happens.

5. Story of Women He Estimate
Generally, he’s just a story about a woman who he crushes with his friends. If he told you the story as well, meaning he does not consider you more than a friend. If that was the fact, that he burn Relax your friendship relationship is maintained.