Premature Babies Need milk? Surely it!

Premature infants who were breastfed at birth have turned out to show the results of tests of mental development better in the next life, when compared with infants fed formula milk.

The researchers for the first time demonstrated breast milk for newborns weighing less than 2 pounds. With the advancement of medicine and medical techniques, premature infants are generally getting protection from the hospital. In premature infants, normal brain development that should occur in the womb in the third trimester of pregnancy, it turns out they had experienced in the hospital room.

Contents of the milk, in the form of fatty acids, it can assist the growth and brain development in premature infants. While breastfeeding is very minimal would be easy to make the baby sick and thinking skills lower than other infants who were breastfed.
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Reduce Little Sugar in Food

Although this research was conducted in the United States, but it seems not much different from the situation of children in Indonesia, where children consume too much sugar in the diet every day.

When your child starts to get solid food, need nutrients such as calcium and other nutrients often do not meet the needs of the body, especially coupled with the high sugar should be consumed.

This high sugar consumption in the long term, will cause great risk for heart disease, obesity and tooth decay. Moreover, poor food habits received since childhood, will continue to be carried into adulthood.

Research in America through data collected from children’s food survey conducted by the U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA), in 1990. This survey is a detailed look at what’s consumed more than 5,400 children aged 2-5 years old for two days, mainly to see how much added sugar in the diet of children, as well as the presentation of food in the process.
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Communicating With Little

The little one was a baby should be encouraged early communication, although the little guy can not handle it well. By doing communications, will help its development. Many ways to do the communicating, among others:

The sooner begun the better. Actually, by the time your baby is born, he has begun to communicate with you, that is through the eyes. When the child grew up, she will be talking and smiling as a way of communication.
Talk to him, see how your child responds and what her reaction. Pay attention to your baby’s body language carefully, as this will help you to further understand it.
Look at your child’s eyes with a distance of about 20-25 cm, this is the best distance for babies to focus.
Then touch him gently, wipe him, smile at him, talk and sing to him. This is the best way of communication with your child.
Cry, the little guy is also a way to communicate, to express desire. Respond to give what he wanted. By answering the communication, your child will feel safe awake.
Notice the movement made little, although the movement was so soft when she answers your communication. This will train your child to understand communication early on. Actually, the best time to perform active communication that is after your child finishes eating. When the child feel happy and relaxed.

Care For Healthy Teeth

Healthy teeth will be yours if you are diligent care. Here are the tips:

Diligent brushing your teeth at least 2 times a day, after meals and at bedtime.

Diligently to the dentist at least every 6 months. For pregnant women, it is advisable to diligently consulted before and during pregnancy.

Brush your teeth properly. The trick toothbrush side with the movement back and forth. To lower front teeth, brush from the bottom up. And vice versa. Do the twist, as well as massaging the gums. Avoid brushing your teeth too hard.

Clean teeth after vomiting. Can be done by brushing your teeth or gargle.
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Breastmilk Storage Sundries

Milk look different every time because vary at any time, including milk fat content and color. The amount of fat in the milk will fluctuate from day to day. Even the milk that came out in the early minutes will be different colors and looks.┬áBreastmilk issued the first time the pumping process will look “thinner” than ASI issued in the next minute, as it is called foremilk (because it is rich in protein). While breast milk that came out a few minutes later would look more thick and called hindmilk (rich in fat). The color of milk also varies depending on what the mother consumption.

Generally milk smelling fresh and sweet-scented. Every now and then thawed frozen milk will smell like soap and sometimes the baby would not drink it. This is due to changes in the structure of milk fat due to sudden changes in temperature so that the action of the enzyme lipase disturbed. Therefore it is not advisable squeeze scald milk at high temperature, or frozen immediately after being heated again. If the milk smells sour squeeze, may have stale milk and immediately discarded. In essence, during the squeeze milk stored in accordance with the proper procedures for storage, then the milk will not be stale.

Breast milk storage containers

No specific rules have to use bottles or containers for storing breast milk. The point is to use a container that can be tightly sealed and always cleaned or sterilized before use. Squeeze the milk should be stored in small amounts (enough for one drink = 60 ml) so that there is no milk left and wasted. Continue reading “Breastmilk Storage Sundries”

Seizures In Infants

Seizures in children is a disease caused by a fever. Approximately 2-5% of children aged six months to five years generally have a fever. However, not to infect the child’s brain.
What to do when a child has a febrile seizure? Although febrile seizures look very scary, actually rare severe complications, the most important thing is to remain calm.

When the fever, tilt the child’s position so he does not choke on her saliva and do not try to hold the child’s movement. Lower fever with open shirt and wiped the boy with a little warm water. Once the water evaporates, the fever will go down. Do not give an ice pack or alcohol because the child will be shivering and body temperature has increased, although his skin was cold. For children weighing less than 10 kg may be given medication, febrile seizures will stop by itself before five minutes.

Does the child need to be hospitalized? When the seizure lasted less than five minutes, then the child conscious and crying, usually do not need to be treated. If high fever and seizures lasting more than 10-15 minutes or recurrent seizures, then you should take him to the doctor or hospital.
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TMS overcome Depression

Environmental factors have contributed to the personality of a person experiencing depression causes.

Medical world constantly looking for ways to tackle the depression. Ang severe depression can interfere with a person’s activity. Existing anti-depressant therapy is now considered to fail to relieve depression for a third of sufferers.

One study conducted at the University of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia, United States of America discovered a new breakthrough. TMS (Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation) is a treatment technique outside the body that stimulate the nerves in the brain by magnetic pressure through the scalp. A way treatment is safe and effective, without the use of drugs for patients with depression. Some small discoveries have shown TMS effective in treating depression.

After 4 to 6 weeks of use of TMS in the treatment of 325 patients with severe depressive disorder that can not be addressed with other anti-depressant treatments, the level of response and recovery using active TMS 2 times better than those who run fake TMS.

Active TMS was associated with the rapid progress of the severity of depressive symptoms and the doctors agreed globally. Change is clearly visible in the mood and feelings of the patient as a whole.

Health myths

Recommendation to drink eight glasses a day

Two U.S. researchers, namely Aaron Carroll (assistant professor of pediatrics at the Regenstrief Institute) and Rachel Vreeman (His partner in child health services research Indiana University School of Medicine og) no scientific evidence to justify getting about it.

Reading in dim light can damage eyes

Many experts believe that this can not be a permanent effect although it can cause you more often squinting, and difficult to focus.

Shaving will make the fur / hair grow faster and rugged

This is not the thickness or heaviness fur / hair that grows. But the base of the fur / hair is spiky of hair-shaved hair gives the impression that not rude.
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Diarrhea Sudden and Handling

Diarrheal disease is one disease that commonly affects infants and toddlers. What is diarrhea? What should be done? What are the causes of diarrhea? Could this diarrhea be prevented? And how should the treatment of diarrhea?

What is diarrhea?

If your baby or your child experiences a sudden change in bowel movements than usual, either the frequency or amount of waste water to be frequently in and out in a liquid consistency, then the condition is called diarrhea.

A newborn baby will generally defecate up to more than ten times a day, and the baby will have a bigger water waste time approximately 2 to 3 times a day or even just 2 times a week. In other words, you have to know what is normal for your child from their bowel habits.
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