Not Just Vomiting Vomiting

Vomiting sometimes experienced by children with several causes, such as when eating foods that are not digested by him or any digestive disorder, which may be accompanied by diarrhea. If due to such things, not too difficult to overcome. Most important is providing adequate fluid intake to prevent dehydration.

Vomiting under some circumstances this needs special attention and immediate treatment of a doctor. This situation may be a sign that indicates a more serious condition than just tract infections:

Projectile vomiting (radiating), especially in infants less than 3 months.
Vomiting that occurred back when given normal food.
vomiting that occurs after a head injury.
Vomiting that occurs after the baby is drinking the liquid electrolyte (Pedialit) within 24 hours.
Vomiting is accompanied by a fever of 38 degrees Celsius on rectal temperature measurements.
Vomiting greenish or yellowish because it mixes with bile.
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10 Surprises For New Dad

Every new dad definitely get a shock. It was already started when the baby cry for the first time. Upon hearing the first cry, a variety of mixed feelings into one. Surprised, happy, thrilled, and anxiety mixed into one. Not a new father in tears upon learning his son was born. “Ah, I’ve become my father. Hopefully I can be a good father,” she thought. Here are few surprises to be received before the new father is often not him.

The usual feelings toward a father who had just had a child. In the first few months there will be a feeling of proud, strong, and want to protect your child. But on the other hand there is a feeling of fear that he would not be able to protect and provide the best for their children. No need to worry with this feeling. All you need do is just try to give the best for your child, do not worry about the end result. Just enjoy the process.

Feeling love new and different
Many people say, that happiness has a child can not be equated with other excitement. It was also perceived a new father. Nothing can match your love of the child, including the love of his wife. Feelings of love for a newborn baby is so unique and specific, and some people can only answer: “I can not be expressed in words.”
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EQ vs. IQ

EQ is not the opposite of IQ or cognitive abilities, but they interact dynamically at the conceptual level and in the real world. Ideally, a person can have advantages in both cognitive abilities and social and emotional skills as well.

The difference between IQ and EQ EQ is probably much less carry genetic factors, so that the role of parents and educators are very large in determining the child’s chance for success.

That’s why, at first the concept of emotional intelligence associated with implications for the way to educate the children, but then develops on its interests in the world of work and in human relationships and activities.

IQ, Specified Many Factors

Social scientists still argue about what is actually true that form a person’s IQ. But most professionals agree, that IQ can be measured by a standard intelligence test tools such as the Wechsler Intelligence Scale, which includes both verbal and nonverbal abilities, including memory, language, problem solving, conception, perception, information processing, and the ability of abstraction.
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Condoms For Women

During the condom is synonymous with men. In Indonesia, the socialization and female condoms are not as good as the male condom. Natural that not everyone knows the female condom. Female condom users are also very limited in number, because the women who know a special condom that does not necessarily want to use it. There are several underlying reasons, especially because it is not accustomed to strange reason.

Specifically female condom is different from the male condom. In addition to its different forms, the female condom is also made not the same as the male condom. Male condom made of latex, while female condoms made from polyurethane. Never use both types of condoms at the same time, because the male condom will come off easily. The different materials that make male condoms will be “stuck” when used together.

In general, these condoms have a pretty high effectiveness. The percentage of condom effectiveness rate reaches 95 percent. Indeed, there is still the possibility of failure, but the percentage is very small. Especially for the case in America, according to a survey of failure often occurs as a result of installing condom.
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Child caregiver

The initial step is to find a caregiver from a reputable dealer. After that, ask your agent about some basic knowledge of the caregivers themselves.

Make sure the person who will keep your kid’s got good skills in caring for children.
If caregivers concerned had attended similar skills courses plus considerable experience in this regard is certainly nice.
It would be better if the caregiver is fond of children. In addition, adult caregivers aged between 25 to 35 years are usually more patient and keep late than a teenage boy.
You do not want your child abandoned simply because the nanny-roaring fun on the phone with her ??friend instead?
Other than an agent, a recommendation from a friend or relative can also be used as a reference to find a good nanny.
Or if you know your neighbors who are in need and you know very well that people are good at parenting, there’s no harm in trying it.
Do not let the communication is established only “yes ma’am” between you and the caregiver.
Puts you as a supervisor is necessary. But occasionally, invite your nanny casual chat about what’s happening to your child everyday.
Do not ask, but invite you to discuss caregiver as between friends. This will make you feel more relaxed nanny.
Say clearly and in detail the commands that you want to convey to caregivers. Because, not necessarily the caregiver has a good perception.

My eating schedule …

Age 4 to 5 months:

Milk (child’s content) or
Adaptation formula (4 x 180 ml??)
Milk porridge (1 x 40-50 g powder) or
Baby biscuits (1-2 pieces)
Fruit juice (1 x 50-100 ml)
Age 6 months:

Milk (child’s content) or
Formula adaptation (2 x 180-200 ml)
Milk porridge (2 x 40 -50 g powder) or
Baby biscuits (1-2 pieces)
Fruit juice (1-2 x 50-100 ml)

Ages 7 to 8 months:

Milk (child’s content) or
Advanced Formula (2 x 200-250 ml)
Milk porridge (2 x 40-50 g powder) or
Biscuit baby (baby at will)
Rice team (1 x 40-50 g of powder)
Fruit juice (1-2 x 50-100 ml)

Not Just Playing hide and seek fun

Baby was a few months was able to predict whether a ball that fell in the back seat will not be gone forever, just out of view. According to a study conducted by a team from New York University.

We may look down upon the game of hide and seek is done by children. Some parents even feel tired or upset when the child starts the game favors.

The researchers decided to find out when and how the child knows that the ball is rolling and disappeared behind something just like a game of hide and seek and the ball will appear from the other side.

It’s amazing to know that the baby was able to learn? Only? with just a look. The results of this study have been reported in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Science.

Each four-month-old baby sitting on the lap of her parents and look to the computer monitor screen. On the screen showing a picture of a ball moving. Then monitored the baby’s eyes with a special camera. Continue reading “Not Just Playing hide and seek fun”

Menopausal women Esophageal Disease Faster?

Are women who have menopause will be faster and the disease quickly tired?

At the time of menopause, women experience a condition in which the sex hormones (especially estrogen and progesterone) were previously produced to be discontinued. The consequences of no longer produced these hormones is the occurrence of diseases that are chronic inflammatory diseases, such as heart disease, cancer, osteoporosis, Alzhaimer, and autoimmune diseases.

Before menopause, estrogen levels balanced and inflammatory / inflammation that occurs generally mediocre and body basically works effectively to prevent the entry of harmful germs. This will gradually change with the cessation of estrogen production during menopause.

Research shows, in women with low estrogen levels in postmenopausal women as higher risk for the occurrence of chronic inflammatory processes. Some theories say the relationship is with low estrogen production, causing weight gain, which means increasing the number of fat cells. Fat cells produce “protein cytokines” that are pro-inflammatory. With the increasing number of fat cells is also increased cytokine protein and more easily exposed to the risk of infection is chronic. Continue reading “Menopausal women Esophageal Disease Faster?”

Complementary feeding

Solid as a complementary food / formula should be introduced when the child is 4 to 6 months because:

At the age of 4 to 6 months, the baby’s weight in general have reached 2 times body weight at birth so that the need for energy and nutrients increases.
Feeding alone will not be able to meet the baby’s needs for nutrients necessary for optimal growth and development.
Baby’s digestive system has started strong and ready to digest solid food.
When Starting Given?

Some say that it began to be given complementary foods at 4 months old baby. But there is also mention that the new administration should begin complementary foods at 6 months old baby. Actually, the right age to start giving solid food, not the same in all infants. It is influenced by the difference in the amount of breast milk / formula milk received by infants, differences in the basic needs of infants and developmental differences in the digestive system.

When breastfeeding a lot and meet the needs of the child, should be breastfed exclusively, which is given only breast milk until the age of 6 months. Continue reading “Complementary feeding”

Cervical Cancer Screening Method

Methods of cervical cancer screening can be done by various methods. A Pap smear is the most popular.

Pap smear is taken from the name of a Greek physician, George Nicolas Papanicolaou.

First of all, cervical cells are retrieved slowly using a spatula or other special tools. The cells will then be examined under a microscope to identify cancer cells. This test can only be performed on patients who:

Not having your period
Have sex
Using douche / apply drugs to the vagina over the past 24 hours
Examination of alternative test methods are Acetic Acid Wash (AAW). In this test tube containing a solution of acetic acid three to five percent, sprayed on the entire surface of the cervix. Then, cervix checked to find whether there are white spots (areas potentially cancerous).