Sports Type For Pregnant Women

Objective exercise during pregnancy is to maintain a good fitness level. If you are healthy and your pregnancy is fine, then the exercise is a safe activity. If you are exercising regularly, adjust the exercise to body condition at this time. If you rarely exercise before pregnancy, there are several types of safe and effective exercise recommended by the American College of Obstetricians and gynecologist (ACOG).

Swimming or other water sports are very safe and suitable for pregnant women. You can achieve aerobic fitness without the fear of falling. If you are tired, you can float and relax. To get a good workout results, keep most of your body is in the water while exercising.

Walking is the safest exercise during pregnancy because of the tender exercise for the body and light to the joints. Use good walking shoes to maximize stability and comfort. Drink plenty of water and do not exercise at too hot or humid. Continue reading “Sports Type For Pregnant Women”

Disturbance in the Process of Childbirth

Although generally normal, sometimes there are also delivery obstacles / interference. Disruption in the delivery process that is often encountered are:

Impaired removal of placenta
The wound in the birth canal

Dystocia (difficult birth and can not continue) can caused because of inadequate manpower mother, the fetus is too large, or abnormalities in the birth mother (eg pelvis is too narrow). Usually the doctor will try to help with the vacuum, pliers / forceps, or cesarean.

Impaired removal of placenta

If labor dystocia occurs in stages 1 and 2, the removal of placenta disorder only occurred in stage 3. Although arise when the baby is born, this disorder can not be taken lightly. Disorders of the placenta expenditure (eg: the placenta does not come out perfect, or bleeding after palsenta out too much) can cause bleeding after childbirth (P3) is known as one of the causes of maternal mortality are the most common. Therefore, the doctors and nurses are always watching new mothers taken that interference does not occur. Causes removal of placenta disorder include:
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Building a Learning City in Game Virtual City

Managing a city as a mayor is not an easy job. You have to actually manage the city that you are leading to be considered comfortable by the community. If you are interested, you can try to build a city game that can be played on Android, Virtual City.

This game is very interesting to play, because in it you will face a variety of issues that you should be able to solve the problem. Do not worry, because this game is quite easy to be played by anyone.

There are 50 Challenging levels in Virtual City, consist of 5 different cities in the United States are Colorado, California, Michigan, Montana, and New York. There are also 18 different mission scenarios, more than 50 buildings that you can build, 25 items are ready for transport to the mall or out of town, there are 16 achievements that we can get, and more buildings – buildings that you can get if can complete each level well.

To zoom, just like Virtual City game there on iOS, at the bottom of the screen there are 6 buttons. The first button is for cars that deliver raw materials / finished goods to a place we’ve set route, the second is for the janitor’s car and see the track is already / not yet be determined, all three to know the bus line, the fourth mission to check that you have been through and you are not yet implemented, the fifth is to construct a building (houses, factories, malls, cinemas, stadiums, etc.), planting trees, building playgrounds, etc., and the last to check the buildings that we build.
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Realize Dreams With Venture Towns City

For those of you who like city building simulation games are not necessarily familiar with Sim City, Cities XL, Civilization. Yes, three of the game made by Kairosoft which is the expert makes simulation games are a few games that have been very popular and has many fans in the world.

Not satisfied until there, now Kairosoft again presents a similar game can be played on iOS and Android devices, Venture Towns. You curious?

Venture Towns is a simulation game that will take you to build a city. In the early game, you will only be given a quiet town where there are only two houses and one office building. Your job is to be able to change it all so that the city could become a city truly prosperous and prosperous life.

Not to be confused, you can see the tutorial to help you play. You can find it on the menu, system, and tutorials. How to play the game fairly easy, you do not need to control the population, because they will move by itself. Their movement patterns are out of the house, office to go and get the money.
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Developments and Changes in Pregnant Women In Trimester

In the first months of your pregnancy (0-12 weeks), it may not be a lot of people understand when you’re pregnant, l because it has not seen a real change in your body. But the truth is your body is actively working to adjust physically and emotionally to the process of pregnancy.

Some changes in the body of pregnant women in the first trimester (0-12 weeks) of pregnancy are:

Breast Enlargement
Breast will enlarge and tighten due to an increase in the initial conception of pregnancy hormones that cause blood vessel dilation and delivery of nutrients to the breast tissue. You may feel your bra felt tight and uncomfortable again, you’d better prepare for a new bra that fit the new size for comfort and can support your breasts. But do not waste your time, you can save it as your breasts will go back to the size before you get pregnant after you stop breastfeeding later. Continue reading “Developments and Changes in Pregnant Women In Trimester”

NBA 2K13 Video Game Will Present at the Tablet PC

You are a big fan of the NBA who can hardly wait for the start of the new NBA season this year? You can overcome impatience by trying one of the best NBA game for iOS and Android devices today, NBA 2K13.

Yes, the game of the 2K Sports made it very interesting to play. There are several modes that you can play options like Quick Games, Multiseason, Multiplayer, and jugaGreatest Games.

Almost similar to the previous series, you can directly play using your idol team in the NBA for one game against a computer game on the menu Quick Games. For Multiseason own menu, you can create your own dream team season-while facing the rigors of an NBA season like in the real world.

One interesting can you meet on the Multiplayer menu. Not only can you play offline with your friends, but also to try new experiences to compete online with other basketball lovers everywhere.
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Caffeine Dangers for Pregnant Women

Loving coffee and do not want to part from it? If you are pregnant, you should forget the coffee. Find a safer alternative beverages, for the fetus.

U.S. researchers ensure they have strong evidence to suggest that caffeine is harmful to pregnancy. The pregnant women who consume caffeine in large quantities every day in the early months of pregnancy are at risk of miscarriage is higher.

For greatest banar safe, expectant mothers should avoid caffeinated beverages of any kind during the initial 5 months of pregnancy, the researchers said in a research report published in the American Journal Obstretics and Gynecology.

Previous studies have revealed that pregnant women who consume three cups of coffee or 300 mg of caffeine a day face an increased risk of miscarriage than pregnant women who avoid caffeine.

The researchers found the risk of miscarriage increases with the increasing consumption of caffeine daily, whether from coffee, tea, hot chocolate, other caffeinated beverages, or a combination of all of them. Continue reading “Caffeine Dangers for Pregnant Women”

Agent Dash, Video Game Exercising Your Finger

Temple Run success as a game-themed endless runner is now being followed by the developers who are starting to make similar games. The game is fairly interesting to play Agent Dash.

In this game, you will become a detective who uses tuxedo and will run while avoiding various obstacles while collecting crystals that you can find along the way. You collect the crystals that you can later use to upgrade various tools like jetpacks that you can use in carrying out any mission.

There is also a menu available to purchase a variety of costumes that will be used by the Dash or buy other characters are available including a female agent and other similar characters as criminals. In each run, you can take as many crystals. Crystals can be very useful, because it was needed to upgrade the number of crystals that much.
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Breastfeeding Mastitis Prevention moment

Several ways can be done to prevent inflammation in the breast while nursing. Are as follows:

1. Remove excess milk immediately.
Breast milk is not removed will accumulate and cause blockages in the breast that can lead to inflammation.

2. Feed the baby as often as possible and do not extend the distance between each feeding time.
If you already feel full breast milk, persuade baby to breastfeed. You do not need to wait until the child was hungry.

Some ways you can do to overcome mastitis:

Rest will relieve stress and boost your immunity back. Continue reading “Breastfeeding Mastitis Prevention moment”

Tips Traveling While Pregnant

Because the body condition of pregnant women are vulnerable and easily tired, careful planning is essential. Should not be traveling to several places at once but one place (so not easily tired). Avoid traveling in a tour given solid touring schedule and in a hurry. Plan your own travel schedule so you can set the amount of rest required. Intersperse exhausting activities with relaxing, such as reading, watching a movie or take a nap.

Medical history such as blood group card, medical records were being undertaken, history of drug allergy, etc., you need to take. So can medications you are currently taking as well as a backup prescription from a doctor if at any time you need to buy additional drugs while on the move.

Before you go, ask your doctor is there any medication that needs to be taken in anticipation in case something emergency. Write down the names and addresses and phone numbers in order to contact your doctor if necessary. Continue reading “Tips Traveling While Pregnant”