Brreast Milk, Protect Mother Of Diabetes

No doubt does breastfeeding provides many benefits, not only for the growth and health of the baby, but also for nursing mothers. One of the benefits of breastfeeding is to protect infants from diabetic disorders. In fact a recent study showed the same effect also applies to her.

In that study shows that older mothers breastfed their babies will have a lower risk of developing diabetes. Although research is still far from the conclusions, but the researchers believe that breastfeeding can alter metabolism in nursing mothers. Changes in metabolism are known to help keep blood sugar levels stable and make the body more sensitive to the blood sugar-regulating hormone (the hormone insulin).
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Enter Hobbit World Through The Hobbit: Kingdom

Less than a week, The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey has managed to occupy the first rank ladder box office films. The film depicts the lives and adventures of Bilbo Baggins (Hobbit who inherit the ‘One Ring’ to Frodo Baggins in LOTR) also scored highest revenue movies are released in December. Beating the previous film, starring Will Smith “I Am Legend”.

For those of you who can not wait to go back¬† enjoy second film “The Hobbit: Desoaltion of Smaug” which will air in December next year, to try to play a game about The Hobbit on your cell phone, the game is titled The Hobbit: Kingdoms.

The Hobbit: Kingdoms will not take you into the journey of Bilbo Baggins for The One Ring, but it is a strategy simulation game where you will build up a kingdom that can control the entire Middle Earth.

Early start this game, you must choose to be a nation Dwarf or Elf. After that, you will be given a brief tutorial on how to play this game The Hobbit. If you choose the nation Dwarf, Thorin Oakenshield it will guide you. However, if you choose Elf, Legolas who will give a tutorial. Continue reading “Enter Hobbit World Through The Hobbit: Kingdom”

Baby Blues Syndrome

According to the data, about 80% of all pregnant women and new baby experience baby blues syndrome. Generally baby blues syndrome appeared in the first week after birth and symptoms can persist up to 3 weeks old.

Baby blues syndrome is not a disease or disorder. Many people think that pregnancy is always a pleasant experience at all times. Though pregnant women may experience stress and depression in varying degrees, with symptoms of fatigue, changes in appetite, insomnia, and so forth. The problem is, depression is often considered a normal part of pregnancy, so that both pregnant women and their families to seek help or find the right treatment so that expectant mothers through pregnancy can be better.

Similarly, mood disorders and postpartum depression. The condition is mainly caused by the rapid hormonal changes that affect brain chemistry, physical and emotional stress face and during childbirth, fatigue and physical discomfort during pregnancy and childbirth, emotional instability after pregnancy and childbirth, the emergence of awareness and concern about the increased responsibility , lack of sleep, lack of partner support and disillusioned with the baby is born. Factors other stress can occur due to moving house, exposed to illness, financial difficulties, and social isolation. Continue reading “Baby Blues Syndrome”


Breast milk is the main food in the first and the beginning of a baby’s life. Easily understood that by nature, milk is the food most easily digested by babies. Breast milk is rich in nutrients and has a well-balanced nutritional composition according to the needs of the baby.

There are more than 100 kinds of nutrients that exist in milk, such as lactose, omega 3, omega 6, AA, DHA, Sphyngomyelin, even a natural prebiotic. AA and DHA are well known as a component that supports the development of children’s intelligence. The amount and composition of milk started to follow the baby’s needs. Breast milk is always available in the right temperature for baby. In addition, the price is certainly cheaper than formula.

Why do babies get the recommended exclusive breastfeeding for six months?

In terms of intelligence, it is known that breast-fed babies generally have a higher level of intelligence.

In terms of health, children who are breastfed have endurance stronger (because of the presence of antibodies in the breast milk) so that the risk of various diseases, such as acute respiratory illness and gastrointestinal tract, lower. Continue reading “Breastfeeding”

Final Fantasy Game Coming in iOS and Android

For you lovers of RPG games, would know one of the best RPG games ever, Final Fantasy. Since it was first produced in 1988, this game has a lot of fans scattered around the world today.

For those of you who are tired of playing this game on a console and want to try to play the Final Fantasy series of three different ways, to try it on phones based on Android and iOS.

Final Fantasy III from Square Enix made this tells about four orphans that found a hunk of crystal light. The crystals give them different strengths, and ordered them to make a balance in the world that has recently been dominated by evil. The four main character’s past to tell their foster parents and then went to run the mission.

In the course of the four musketeers, must always be accompanied by the components found in other RPG games such missions, visiting new cities, against the enemy, get better weapons, explore the world, and others.

But it is the strength of this game is Final Fantasy job system. In the third series is Final Fantasy job system was first implemented in the end still used to this day.

At the beginning of the game, you are only given four different job, but as the story goes, you can open other job there are even secret job that you can access by doing certain conditions.

The battle system in this game brings classic style JRPG system is turn-based battle. Players and enemies will attack in turn depends on the speed of each character. To attack an enemy, you can use the attack, magic, or with special abilities possessed by each job. You also can get by with using a guard or use a cure.

It should be recognized that it is very difficult game to play. Perhaps the Square Enix dedicate this game only for players who have been adept at playing RPG games, especially the Final Fantasy series previously.

The first difficulty is you can not buy drugs that function like a phoenix down to revive the character that has run out of HP. Phoenix Down only can you get with a way to defeat the enemy or from treasure chests stored in the Dungeon. So its use is very limited and will automatically make you a hard time against a stronger enemy.

The second difficulty is the difficulty to obtain items that can restore your MP. So if you’re in a dungeon, you must use magic to save as much as possible before dealing with the boss.

Overall, this game can finished in about 50 hours. Long enough to play RPG games and make your not worth it to buy this game. Play time is certainly not include confidential doing quests and also opens up the whole job there. Like the other Final Fantasy games, Final Fantasy III is rich side quests that can make you feel at home playing this game up to a hundred hours to the top.

For users of Android can get this game for $ 17.03 in the Android Store and to your iOS device users, can get it on iTunes for $ 8.99.

Stress During Pregnancy

Pregnant women should not be too worried if the conditions of stress and anxiety during pregnancy are being lived will their babies. A study ever conducted in the Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health, suspect that the condition of stress and anxiety during pregnancy appeared to have benefits for the baby.

Based on a study involving 137 women with a healthy pregnancy and a normal yield the result that those who experience stress and anxiety in pregnancy weeks 24 to 32 are likely to have children with mental and motor skills? More developed when he was two years old. Continue reading “Stress During Pregnancy”

Prediction Video Game Most in Year 2013

Many people who deem that 2013 is the beginning of a change, especially in the era of the development of the video game world. Opinion was necessarily based on the increasing number of video games that have the best quality, both in terms of storyline and gameplay. Call it video game Dishonored, Far Cry 3, or Sleeping Dogs which was touted as the best video game in 2012.

After officially changed Gregorian calendar, the hardcore gamers once again preparing to be satisfied by the arrival of the greatest game videos. Here are some video games that are predicted to win the hearts of the enthusiast video game in 2013, as released by ZoominGames.

Tomb Raider

Lara Croft is a character who has a very good popularity in the world of video games. In fact because it is very popular, the treasure seeker woman was appointed to the big screen, starring Angelina Jolie.

However, many people who had expressed disappointment at the video game series Tomb Raider. The storyline is considered to begin drab, known as one of the factors is the decline in popularity of video games. Since then, developer Square Enix attempted to revive the legendary characters of this one.

In an effort to restore the glory of Lara Croft, the developer decided to go back to the origins of the female version of Indiana Jones. The story begins with a young Lara Croft adventure that should save themselves from attack by criminals in the woods. When viewed from the display demo that circulated on YouTube, the video game deserves to be included to the list of “must buy”.

BioShock Infinite

Video game was originally planned to be released in 2012 ago. Unfortunately, there are some obstacles in the release that ultimately delay the presence of Bioshock Infinite. But the facts just do not seem to make the hardcore gamers feel so disappointed.

By carrying out the action-adventure genre-first-person-shooter, BioShock Infinite still promises an extraordinary experience for video game players. Takes place in the future world where, precisely in a city that floats in the air, we will be required to always be ready to face a variety of action-packed challenges that exist in plain sight.

Watch Dogs

City of Chicago of the future has become a place that has been controlled by the computer. But can you imagine how bad the state of the city, supposing there is a secret agent or assassin who also doubles as a hacker, hacking action with systems that have been scattered throughout the city?

Broadly speaking, Watch Dogs is an action video that will take you to actually interact in it. Reinforced by a graphical display is extraordinary, Ubisoft video game development outcome of this one, believed to be able to take care of the hardcore gamer.

The Last of Us

By just looking at the trailer, maybe you’ll be instantly reminded of a movie called “I am Legend”. Because video game developed by Sony Computer Entertainment shares the same theme, the post-apocalypse world.

If we look from the gameplay demo, The Last of Us tells the story of father and son adventure trying to save themselves from attacks by criminals and strange creatures. By promoting high intensity of suspense stories, video game as one of the “major players” in 2013.

Grand Theft Auto 5

No one can beat Grand Theft Auto (GTA) when we talk about video game-themed action. This is due to the legendary status that has carried the GTA since some time ago.

Besides being known as one of the video games that provide the freedom for us to explore the city, the GTA is also known as one of the game which is full of interesting features. As a result, we will be immersed in the world of GTA. By incorporating a few new characters, and do not forget to also insert some old faces, GTA 5 believed to be one of the best-selling video game in 2013.

Tekken Tag Tournament Give New Experience

Good news for lovers of the game console you, because eventually Namco Bandai has officially launched the newest fighting game series, Tekken Tag Tournament 2 for the console versions, having previously Arcadenya series has been present since 2011.

Tekken Tag Tournament 2 Tekken is a series that is only focused on the fight. There is no story mode in this game. There are more than 50 characters that you can play, from Paul, Kazuya, Lars, Alisa, even Dr. Bosconovitch and Sebastian will also be present (in the form of DLC).

In Tekken Tag Tournament 2, we are fighting in a 3D world, players can walk into or out of the screen, in addition to forward and backward. The fight takes place using the tag system, ie 2 vs. 2 where if one of his cell phone until they run out, then the team is immediately lost.
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Why said DO NOT Allow Used?

Many people say, do not say the word ‘not’ in children. Are you also including the restraint to not say the word please? It’s okay to say the word no, but there are situations and goals that need to be addressed.

“Do not go up!”, “Do not play the water!”, “Do not run”. Ever hear those words spoken to children? How are you feeling? What do you think? Or it used to say to the children?

Some people are uncomfortable with the use of the word ‘do not’, either because it is not unusual to use it as well as the principles he held. A kindergarten, where I had been a consultant, never use a deed ‘do’. At the beginning I watched the teachers, they use the word ‘no’.

Do you belong to a forbidden word ‘do’? The word ‘do not’ do have characteristics that affect its pluses and minuses. It’s a natural part of the language that have the meaning. Therefore, in addition to have¬†character that makes the word ‘do not’ avoid its use, the word ‘do not’ one should not be used. Well why the opposite? Continue reading “Why said DO NOT Allow Used?”