Paradoxical Intention, to Laugh at Yourself Therapy Pain

Pain is just as healthy. In a way, it’s the other side of the hospital healthy. Therefore, the hospital has the same position as well. Healthy and diseased conditions also influenced how we see both. Well, what if we look like we looked healthy sick? Come learn paradoxical intention!

Today any body can said weak. A few days in Bali towards Lumajang trips, overnight there immediately drove to Sidoarjo, continued to drive around a lot of purposes in Surabaya. Once complete resume business in Sidoarjo, the motor kicked from behind by a driver who did not see the shine comes from my right and grabbed the left from the right. Bounced and fell. Be complete ‘story’ that day.

That night the pain just started feel of a crash that ended with a handshake between two riders. The second night was the wrist and back pain, especially if bent. That’s why I move every bend, I always say “Wadauh”. Continue reading “Paradoxical Intention, to Laugh at Yourself Therapy Pain”

Parenting: Negative Assumptions Can Weaken the Mental Hygiene

Each child had done things that we did not expect. Is it because we did not expect then that was a mistake? Incidence of unwanted triggers us to assume that blame the child. The effect is to undermine the child’s mental.

Prang! There was a plate falls. Nony 2 year old just learning to feed themselves. The dishes he used to eat falls, broken to pieces.

“See, the plate was dropped. Hey, who dropped the plates? “, His father said.

Let’s see, what happened? If you are sensitive, of course you can watch, what is strange incident. Hey what, could find?

Let us underline that there are some events in such a short event. Consider this: Nony just learning to feed themselves, the plate that he used to eat falls, broken to pieces, “See, the plate was dropped,” said his father, “Hey who dropped the plate,” said his father. Okay, we may add, Nony was 2 years old. Continue reading “Parenting: Negative Assumptions Can Weaken the Mental Hygiene”

First Asian Model Shown on cover of Vogue Italia

For the first time, and a resolution of 2013, Vogue Italia presents the first Asian model on the front cover. Models are lucky it was Fei Fei Sun are indeed long enough to be a model in the magazine.

However, during perform in the franchise’s oldest fashion magazine, only this time he appeared solo on the cover of Vogue Italia. Consideration Vogue chose Sun because Sun has a unique facial structure. So far, Sun has been featured as a model in leading fashion brands, such as Calvin Klein, Valentino and Diesel.

Just three years working as a model, she has entered the top 50 models and is ranked number 15 in the world. Stephen Meisel, the photographer said that the appearance of Sun in Vogue Italia is an homage to the famous supermodel from China in the ’50s, Machado.
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PHOTO: This Hotel Giraffe Provide Breakfast Together

Stay with your dream will come true giraffe. A hotel called The Giraffe Manor on the outskirts of Lang’ata in Nairobi, Kenya provides a herd of giraffes to accompany your activities while staying overnight at the hotel.
Rare Rothschild giraffe type would run around the yard every morning at the hotel. They will also tempt you with a breakfast event popped long neck to ask for breakfast.
Many visitors also took a picture together and interact with these graceful animals through the open window, in front of the doors and windows even in their room. This is the only place in the world where one can share breakfast with this rare animal. Continue reading “PHOTO: This Hotel Giraffe Provide Breakfast Together”

Watchful Salt High On Food

Now more and more people care and health-conscious. You may be one of them. Avoid or reduce some groceries were carried out and one of them is salt.

Especially, for those who are known to have high blood disorder. But many do not know that salt, sugar and fat in high content hidden in many favorite foods and even that is often considered healthy by many people.

The survey has revealed that four out of five people do not realize that the meat and cheese packaging in the supermarket contains more salt than a packet of crisps ready salted consumption. And almost two-thirds did not know that limit the recommended daily intake of salt is only a teaspoon.
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5 Habits Men Changed the Most Difficult

When two individuals having love, whose name is required to adapt. Like it or not, you and your partner are two different people both from the nature, habits, preferences and outlook on life. Uniting two different things being equal of course very difficult and almost impossible.

Although there are a few things that you can change from your partner, for example attitudes, ways of dressing and cleaning habits. But there is also the habit he can not change, no matter how hard you try. Impose an impossible only going to cause a lot of conflict and a devastating love affair. For that, you need to know, what a tough guy habits changed?

1. Routines Gather with friends Continue reading “5 Habits Men Changed the Most Difficult”

Often Stress, It’s Cause

If you often feel body disorders such as difficulty breathing, chest pain, dizziness, or loss of control, it could be just some of the symptoms of anxiety or panic.
And a serious mental disorder that leads to a long stress is very possible if you do not immediately resolve the condition. Clinical psychologist and psychoanalytic therapy, Dr. Pulkit Sharma, said that the condition of anxiety and stress can be caused by low self-esteem, fear itself, and often hallucinations.
In Healthmeup also revealed some things cause anxiety and stress disorders:
An imbalance of neurotransmitters Continue reading “Often Stress, It’s Cause”

HIV Drugs Found, Glimmer of Hope for PLWHA

EVEN deadly disease HIV / AIDS has not discovered a drug that can cure it completely. However, the happy news coming from the Gambia where the cure drug disease has been found.

Yahya Jammeh, President of Gambia, a country in Africa, claims to have found herbal remedies to cure AIDS. He said the discovery in 2007 that eventually sparked outrage among Western medical Gambia who feel that the President is giving false hope to the sick, so that was launched Nydaily.

“We see this project coming to fruition, therefore we intend to treat 10,000 patients with HIV / AIDS for six months using natural medicine,” Jammeh said in a speech last new year. He hoped that hospitals with 1111 beds can be opened in 2015 to come.
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Too Long Play Video Games, Life Could be Suspended

IN turning fun playing video games, many people do not realize that in fact it threatens their health. Worst case, death threats were in sight.

Cases of death due to too long playing video games recently could be a lesson. A 21-year-old man from Taiwan died after playing the game for 40 hours.

Playing video games too much can cause health problems that can lead to death. You can experience repetitive strain injuries, skin disorders, triggering epileptic seizures if you are, and other health problems.

The American Academy of Pediatrics recommends no more than one or two hours in front of the screen, especially when playing games. Playing games excessively can cause health problems with symptoms such as dark circles under the eyes, muskoloskeletal problems, vision problems, and skin, as well as sleep disorders, as reported by Allvoicecom. Continue reading “Too Long Play Video Games, Life Could be Suspended”