Avoid Health Problems, Just Play Games Two Hours

THERE are many side effects that can happen when you play video games or online games for too long. Although fun, it turns playing video games excessively can give a bad effect on your health. You have to be vigilant, especially if your child likes to play video games.

Playing video games too long is often associated with a higher risk for developing seizures, while those who do not play the game too long not have that risk. An increased risk of seizures due to induction of light from the screen is certainly a sign that your health began to be affected, as reported by LIVESTRONG.
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8 Tips for Taking Heart Beloved Parents

Meet with parents lover for the first time will obviously make you groggy. You certainly want to look attractive and leave a good impression for the future in-laws is not it?

To make parents impressed with your lover, there are several things you can do as quoted by the Times of India:

Using the Right Clothes
The first impression will shape your image. When lovers invited to meet with parents, make sure you use decent clothes and not excessive. Use also natural makeup that is not too made an appearance as if to a party.
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The sweetness of honey, sweet as Benefits for Health

ALL people must like honey. Taste sweet and delicious it was very beneficial to your overall health. The following are the benefits of honey is very nutritious for you.

Did you know that honey can help you lose weight? It turns out that honey contains a variety of vitamins and minerals that are soluble in fat and cholesterol in the body. If sugar makes you gain excess weight, vitamins and minerals from raw honey boosts your metabolism and make your body burn fat. However, honey can not make your body lose weight just like that, you have to combine it with a healthy diet and exercise if you want good results, as reported by Magforwoman. Continue reading “The sweetness of honey, sweet as Benefits for Health”

5 Benefits of Yoga for Body Health

Yoga be an alternative option exercise has many benefits so that more people attend yoga classes. Peek into the benefits of yoga for the body.

As reported by WebMD, there are at least five benefits of the most widely felt of yoga. Here are those benefits.

When some people think of yoga, they imagine such a wide range, so it was too old, and not fit to do yoga. One part of yoga are called asanas that work safely for stretching your muscles. This releases the lactic acid that causes stiffness, tension, pain and fatigue. Besides, yoga also improves range of motion and lubrication in the joints.
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Reason Too Often Should Not Give Children Gift

As quoted from Sheknows, give a gift to your child, especially on special days such as Christmas, birthdays, and other very exciting indeed. Seeing he was happy with the gift you give is a valuable.

But too often give gifts also not the right thing. Here are five reasons why you should not be too often for little reward.

1. Economy
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Pap Smear, Do not Do Before Age 21 Years

ONE of the ways to prevent cervical cancer is to conduct attacks such as pap smear examination. However, when the actual time is recommended to use this test?

According to the American Cancer Society, there are two tests used for cervical cancer screening. Pap smear is the most common, in which the doctor collects cells from the uterus during a pelvic examination and sent to a laboratory to determine whether there are cells that are not normal. And the second examination is HPV (Human Papillomavirus), the method checks to look for evidence of HPV infection, as reported by everydayhealth.

Most women who are young and healthy will clear the virus in the body naturally. And it rarely develops into cancer, so no need to worry or fear about the disease. Screening becomes important if you’re one of those with a high risk of sexual disease or any symptoms that lead to disease.
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5 Signs You’re Ready Dating Again After End Love

Breakup is painful, but rest assured that one day there’s a man for you. But sometimes, she has a new boyfriend misinterpret that as a sign you. That means you’re a typical woman who scared themselves.

However, you need a few months to introspect ourselves, dispel negative feelings and re-evaluate what kind of man you want. To that end, before the rush got a new lover, consider whether it signs you’re ready dating again after a breakup. Following his speech, as summarized Your Tango.

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Kim Kardashian Not Comfortable Natural Morning Sickness

Pregnancy is not an easy route by many women. The reason is, they have to deal with new habits that are often unpleasant, one disturbance morning sickness. Kim Kardashian was feeling.

Kim Kardashian finally spoke difficult diving experience maternal role. Da so amazed with her ??sister, Kourtney Kardashian with Mason, Kourtney baby aged three and six-month-old Penelope. In his view, the struggle to reach that point is not easy.

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4 Snack Mandatory For the Office

Age, the brain’s ability to weaken and become less active. Performance of the brain becomes more susceptible to memory loss.

To support a successful career, must be balanced with creative ideas and can get the job done properly. All the priority is based on the idea of intelligent and perspicacity.

To support the sharpness of the brain, there are foods that contribute. Some of these healthy snacks can be eaten on the sidelines of the course work has benefits for improving brain function.

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Pregnant women who Depression Can Drink Drugs?

Not less of pregnant women (pregnant women) who were depressed during pregnancy. However, whether pregnant women should not take the drug to relieve depression?

Findings from the Journal of the American Medical Association (JAMA) said there was no association between the use of depression medication against infant mortality. The study involved 30,000 women from Nordic countries are researching antidepressants called selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors (SSRIs) specifically for pregnant women.

As a result, there was no association between the use of drugs with the death of a baby at birth or disorders in infants, as reported EmaxHealth, Friday (04/01/2013). Continue reading “Pregnant women who Depression Can Drink Drugs?”