Avoid Health Problems, Just Play Games Two Hours

THERE are many side effects that can happen when you play video games or online games for too long. Although fun, it turns playing video games excessively can give a bad effect on your health. You have to be vigilant, especially if your child likes to play video games.

Playing video games too long is often associated with a higher risk for developing seizures, while those who do not play the game too long not have that risk. An increased risk of seizures due to induction of light from the screen is certainly a sign that your health began to be affected, as reported by LIVESTRONG.
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The sweetness of honey, sweet as Benefits for Health

ALL people must like honey. Taste sweet and delicious it was very beneficial to your overall health. The following are the benefits of honey is very nutritious for you.

Did you know that honey can help you lose weight? It turns out that honey contains a variety of vitamins and minerals that are soluble in fat and cholesterol in the body. If sugar makes you gain excess weight, vitamins and minerals from raw honey boosts your metabolism and make your body burn fat. However, honey can not make your body lose weight just like that, you have to combine it with a healthy diet and exercise if you want good results, as reported by Magforwoman. Continue reading “The sweetness of honey, sweet as Benefits for Health”

Reason Too Often Should Not Give Children Gift

As quoted from Sheknows, give a gift to your child, especially on special days such as Christmas, birthdays, and other very exciting indeed. Seeing he was happy with the gift you give is a valuable.

But too often give gifts also not the right thing. Here are five reasons why you should not be too often for little reward.

1. Economy
Economic problems are the most fundamental of all the reasons why you should not buy too many baby gifts. Do not get just because you want to see your child happy, you give a gift that you can not pay. Happiness does not have to mean a lot of gifts. Continue reading “Reason Too Often Should Not Give Children Gift”

5 Signs You’re Ready Dating Again After End Love

Breakup is painful, but rest assured that one day there’s a man for you. But sometimes, she has a new boyfriend misinterpret that as a sign you. That means you’re a typical woman who scared themselves.

However, you need a few months to introspect ourselves, dispel negative feelings and re-evaluate what kind of man you want. To that end, before the rush got a new lover, consider whether it signs you’re ready dating again after a breakup. Following his speech, as summarized Your Tango.

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Kim Kardashian Not Comfortable Natural Morning Sickness

Pregnancy is not an easy route by many women. The reason is, they have to deal with new habits that are often unpleasant, one disturbance morning sickness. Kim Kardashian was feeling.

Kim Kardashian finally spoke difficult diving experience maternal role. Da so amazed with her ??sister, Kourtney Kardashian with Mason, Kourtney baby aged three and six-month-old Penelope. In his view, the struggle to reach that point is not easy.

“I would not say it was easy, but undergo morning sickness every day made ??me understand the severity of being a mother. Pregnancy when a lot of people say it’s fun and they love it, I would say do not agree,” said Kim, as quoted by The Sun. Continue reading “Kim Kardashian Not Comfortable Natural Morning Sickness”

4 Snack Mandatory For the Office

Age, the brain’s ability to weaken and become less active. Performance of the brain becomes more susceptible to memory loss.

To support a successful career, must be balanced with creative ideas and can get the job done properly. All the priority is based on the idea of intelligent and perspicacity.

To support the sharpness of the brain, there are foods that contribute. Some of these healthy snacks can be eaten on the sidelines of the course work has benefits for improving brain function.

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Hate to Friend Lover? The fix is

You certainly will be more peaceful if paramour have friends that you know and like. But among some friends he’s you know, there are just some people who do not like. Whether it’s because of his annoying or childish.

So how to deal with the friends you love him less? Compiled from She Knows, is how to cope.

1. Trying to Find Similarities
During this time you do not like my friends the girlfriend, maybe you only see from the outside without wanting to know more. Try to get them to talk and find common ground between you and him. Let alone talk about photography or book that you both like. By finding similarities, maybe you can get closer to them and did not like the feeling of being reduced. Continue reading “Hate to Friend Lover? The fix is”

Various Benefits Of Drinking Coffee Good

Not always coffee have a negative impact health. There is a good range of benefits given coffee. What is it?

Coffee is always identical to caffeine. Caffeine is an alkaloid chemical compound or better known as trimetilsantin contained in coffee as much as 1-1.5%. Work is taking over the caffeine adenosine receptors (one of the nerve cells in the brain that can make a person fall asleep faster) so that it will spur the production of adrenal hormones, and consequently do not feel sleepy.

Reporting from Journal of Neurology, Neurosurgery and Psychiatry, coffee has some benefits that are very useful for the body. Coffee as generating stamina and pain relievers on a low dose of caffeine, bring a fresh feeling, a little excited, and the liver will release glucose into the blood stream resulting in extra energy.
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Benefits of Soursop Leaves And Fruit Soursop addition Cancer Drugs

Miscellaneous efficacy and benefits Soursop leaves and fruit of tailings as a cure all ills, both for cancer and other diseases to cure diseases such as rheumatism, gout, kidney, lung, prostate, pancreas, eczema, liver, and so forth. As for treating cancer, according to some records soursop leaves are able to work 10,000 times stronger than chemo therapies or adriamycin in the press and slow the growth of cancer cells.

Besides the benefits and Kahasiat soursop leaves boiled water is said to be beneficial for cancer used to treat gout / rheumatism (arthritis) bone pain, and many other properties of soursop leaves as a remedy and prevention of disease other than cancer that has been very effective, according to some information to eradicate malignant cells, which is known as the world’s deadliest diseases.
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