Benefits of Avocado Fruit

Information for Efficacy and Benefits of Avocado Fruits for Health for health, for pregnant women and others. Angelica blog will share information about Avocado Fruits for Health Benefits. Fruits contain many vitamins, various vitamins that are good for the body and also has a variety of uses in our daily lives. At present we do not know we did not tend to use fruit that is around us becomes more useful. What are the benefits? want to know?

Here’s to Your Health Benefits of Avocados:

A little talk about Avocado Benefits For Health – Benefits of avocado for health benefits of avocado for the skin to peel an avocado benefits avocado benefits avocado for health benefits for the face For years we are encouraged to avoid avocados because it contains a lot of calories and fat. Avocado contains 731 calories and over 30 grams of fat. Still, nutrition experts say that by adding a little avocado to the daily diet, will give us more advantages compared to disadvantages. Avocado That’s partly because avocados also contain folate, potassium, monosaturated fat and rich in fiber. Monosaturated fats (unsaturated) contained in the avocado contains aleic acid proven to increase levels of healthy fats in the body, and controlling diabetes. By using avocados as a source of fat, people with diabetes can lower triglycerides by 20%. Additionally, unsaturated fats is also very good for reducing cholesterol levels. Low-fat diet that included avocados has been shown to lower bad cholesterol and increase good cholesterol in the blood.

Avocados also contain lots of fiber which is very useful for preventing high blood pressure, heart disease, and some cancers. Avocados also contain 30% more potassium compared pineapple. Potassium is very beneficial for the body to reduce the risk of high blood pressure, heart attacks, and cancer. In addition, avocados are also very perfect if in use as food for pregnant women. That’s because follate found in avocados, can reduce the risk of birth defects to the threat of disease. As we can see, there are many benefits of avocado, still concerned about its fat content?

Here are some of the benefits of avocado that has been recognized by health experts:
1.Melindungi body from diseases related to cholesterol, blood pressure and heart.

2.Di use in the prevention and treatment of prostate cancer and payudata. Researchers have proved that the poison contained in avocados are able to kill cancer-causing cells. Called poison because it gives a great impact on tissue and cardiac muscle.

3.Banyak contain minerals, such as potassium, calcium, vitamin C and K, folic acid, copper, sodium and fiber to the diet. According to experts, those who live in tropical environments have the advantage of being easy to get but easy to lose fluid minerals. So, avocado is in ajurkan as treatment.

4.Oleic acid contained in avocados can lower levels of bad cholesterol in the blood.

5.Potassium in avocados beneficial lowering blood pressure.

6.Sodium serves to reduce the risk of high blood pressure and stroke.

7.Meningkatkan body’s ability to absorb carotenoids.

8.Di use to help those who have sexual problems.

9.Sangat good if used as an antioxidant.

10.Dapat used to treat skin diseases.

11.Di used to treat diseases associated with digestion and blood circulation.
Avocado for skin care products. Avocados are a lot of benefits, especially in beauty. According to the LAB, avocados contain lots of vitamins for whitening products, minerals and oil to natural care products for skin product. Avocado contains vitamins A, C and E, iron, potassium, niacin, pantotenik acids and proteins that are not found in fruits for skin whitening.Manfaat: As a moisturizer or skin care.

How to: Take part in an avocado shell containing humectants for skin whitening products and skin care product able to withstand moisture. Gosokkkan gently whitening product around to face and leave on for 15 minutes. After that, wash your face using cold water. Do it before bed at night because night time skin to work.

Benefits of Plants Binahong

Binahong is a medicinal plant from the mainland known as the original Dheng San Chi. This plant has been known to have remarkable healing kasiat and has been consumed for thousands of years by the people of China, Korea, Taiwan etc.. In Southeast Asia, this plant is compulsory consumption of the Vietnamese population against American invasion, but unfortunately this plant is still foreign to the region’s vines Indonesia.Tumbuhan mysterious because not a lot of literature and scientific studies reveal usefulness. However, empirically, people use it to help the process of healing various diseases.
There is a story, in the Vietnam War decades ago, the Americans by surprise, how can Vietcong soldier looks in good shape although previously wounded. Once traced, the panacea to cure wounds and the gunshot and sharp weapons are binahong scratch.
All parts of this creeper berkasiat, starting from the roots, stems and leaves. Pemanfaatanya can be boiled or eaten as vegetables for the leaves. These plants grow vines. Often used as gendola or circular arch over the street park. Some are named binahong and came from Korea. But this plant is already long existed in Indonesia and called gendola (Basella rubra Linn).
Almost all parts of the plant such binahong tubers, stems and leaves can be used in herbal therapy. Now the seeds are easily purchased at Kopeng attraction. These plants are growing well in cold and humid environments.
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The anatomy of a bicycle

Cycle cycling or simply is a muscle-powered vehicle driven by pedals. It has two wheels which are attached to a metal, or in some cases hard plastic frame, one. Along the front and the other at the rear

History of bicycle

The bike has been in Europe for the first time in the 19th Century introduced. Currently, there are more than one billion worldwide. They are used as the primary means of transportation in some regions of the world, particularly in the Netherlands and China. They also developed as a form of popular entertainment and recreation. Other areas of human activity, they were adopted adult fitness, children’s toys, police and military applications, cycle sports and courier services. Thus, the time that the humble bicycle has assumed roles! Continue reading “The anatomy of a bicycle”

Computer Technician Training: the Expert

Computer is one of electronic device that everyone needs in their daily activities. Computer is needed to working and studying. No matter where you work, you will need a computer to help you to finish your job. This fact make that become computer technician is a good job with prospective future. Of course, you should be the expert and make your customers satisfy with your service.

Computer technician have interesting salary. It is about $40,000 up to $50,000 per year. It depends on your experience. And computer technician is needed in all company in the world. You can work at private company like bank, hospital, hotel, or you can work in government office as a civil servant. Or you can create your own computer service center. Computer technician have wide job field. Continue reading “Computer Technician Training: the Expert”

Efficacy Kencur

Powder is a Javanese term for rhizome type of call, if the people of Aceh called Ceuko, scientific name is Kaempferia galangal. He was among relatives of gingers (Zingiberaceae gamilia), so it’s still his brother turmeric, ginger, keys, and so on. Like his brother, the other names are still brothers, kencur has similarities here and there without stem growth and form rhizomes in the ground. Rhizome is the most important part of the body, because the profits. Powder plant can live anywhere, as long as soil loose and fertile, with a little shady. By refining the process of kencur will produce essential oils, Based on laboratory analysis, volatile oil in the rhizome kencur contains more than 23 different kinds of compounds. Seven of them contain aromatic compounds, monoterpena, and sesquiterpene.
Chemical constituents present in the rhizome kencur are: • starch (4.14%) • minerals (13.73%) • astiri oil (0.02%) • • sineol form metal acid penta kanil • Independence • • cinnamic acid ethyl • aster • sinamic acid borneol • kamphene • paraeumarin • • anisic acid alkaloids, and • gom Continue reading “Efficacy Kencur”

Electric bicycle is in everyone, but who buys?

Giant, Schwinn, Sanyo, Panasonic and Magna have been or will soon be available on the U.S. market for electric bicycles in a big way. Apart from these big names, there are a number of small businesses that are working diligently to develop this market.

There are important differences between these two groups of actors. Many players are smaller internet company sells kits for bicycles, motorcycles existing custom converted or imported electric bikes. Their products are usually a few hundred dollars for what is really running garbage about about $ 1500 for a couple of pretty good product. The major manufacturers working with networks of distributors or big box stores and a portion of their product is good, but generally ranges from $ 2,500 to $ 5,000 per unit. Continue reading “Electric bicycle is in everyone, but who buys?”

Marijuana Plants In fact Benefits of Medical Sciences

Hemp as a crop of the most famous in the history of man, no doubt have experienced various forms of news that is not objective and tend to be negative. From the standpoint of human health, plant Cannabis (Cannabis sativa) is a plant that has had a long history in the medical literature of the ancient world cultures.
1. Book “Pen T’sao Ching” is the first book of herbal medicine in the world. Collected from records Emperor Shen Nung in 2900-2700’s BC (BC), the book states that marijuana has properties eliminate menstruation, malaria, rheumatism, pregnancy disorders, digestive disorders, and diseases of forgotten. Continue reading “Marijuana Plants In fact Benefits of Medical Sciences”

The foundations of Golf Putting

Golf putting and Body Mechanics

The development of good body mechanics is an essential part of your golf equipment. Good body mechanics course focuses on body movement and posture by swinging a golf club. It reduces muscle stress and joint while improving your athletic ability. Golf putting body mechanics are fundamentally different from those of a full golf swing. When learning how to play golf, the focus is usually on the way to the golf ball as far down the fairway as possible, although in a position of importance is placed exactly equal putt.
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Benefits of Ginger Plants

Benefits of Ginger Plants for Health – ginger plant is very well known in Indonesia. Not hard to find ginger because the plant is now being used in them as seasoning, flavor concentrates a variety of food and beverage and ingredient in traditional medicines. Designated as a drug, ginger is known properties of hereditary among them as a reliever headache, cough, colds. Ginger is also often used as a medicine to relieve digestive disorders, arthritis, nausea and motion sickness medication, flatulence, cholera, diarrhea, sore throat, diphtheria, antidote, itchy insect bites, sprains, swelling, and bruising.
Since hundreds of years, ginger has been known as a plant that is rich in benefits, both as a spice or seasoning as well as a medicinal herb. Plants that have a scientific name Zingiber officinale Roscoe is originally from Asia Pacific, spread from India to China.
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